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Fun Stuff to Bring Camping – 18 Things Are Here!

Camping is a great avenue to relax and reward yourself with the beauty and freshness of the outdoors. During this relaxing activity, most people try to get primitive, meaning; they are generally grasping the moment and maximizing the basics for them to survive. This would basically give an enjoyable experience, however, there is some fun stuff to bring camping, which for some, would make the trip better.

List of Fun items to Bring Camping

Because of the advancement in technology, enjoying the outdoors without any pressures becomes easier. Actually, as of now, there are already various ways to taste the sweetness of sleeping to bed and indulging on a hot bath while camping. And, nowadays, these things that help to endure the wilderness are already camping essentials by most backpackers.

Moreover, when you search the market, you will see new and distinct items that are generally available to provide fun and convenient bivouacking. Most of these items will basically make a simple yet enjoyable camping trip. Below are some of the latest necessities within the field of camping.

1. Spectra lantern

Generally, as the name implies, the lantern will impart more color to the campsite. It basically runs through solar power and flatly packs for convenience in transportation. Aside from that, the lantern also features durability and lightweight. It also snugly fits into the backpack which makes it fun stuff to bring camping.

Moreover, for a more fun atmosphere, the spectra lantern comes into eight various modes based on colors. You will basically experience a white light mode and a fade through mode within the eight available colors. The lantern can last for about twelve hours at night in case it will be left under the sun for a time period of seven hours.

2. Teepee Tent

If you are looking for a cool, comfortable, and affordable tent to be used for camping, the teepee tent is perfect for you. It may generally impart an old-fashioned sensation due to its look. Perhaps, the features that it has entail technology and innovation.     

Despite its lightweight, the tent is also a heavy-duty one. The polyester material makes the teepee tent waterproof and supports in blocking the wind. Another cool feature of this camping stuff is that it remains dry and warm even on a rainstorm.

Moreover, to allow better air circulation inside the tent for a fresh-smelling atmosphere, the construction has several mesh windows. Teepee tent basically accommodates six people conveniently as it has a height measurement of 6 feet 6 inches. And, its overall weight is only about 14 pounds.

3. Pocket blanket

fun stuff to bring camping
Image courtesy of Trend Hunter

Another fun stuff to bring camping is this amazing blanket that won’t leave you sitting or lying on the campground. Yet, what most backpackers concern about bringing a blanket on a camping trip is the hassle of packing up as it is too bulky and take up a large space. A good thing about the pocket blanket is that it offers all the needed room without getting much of the space.

4. Sitpack

Generally, this camping stuff was invented during the 21st century and it is popularly known as the most portable seat worldwide. The thing that makes this sitpack fun stuff to bring camping is its flexibility feature in which it will fold too small to fit inside the jeans’ pocket. Despite being folded in a compact size, it can basically cradle around 286 pounds.

5. LED Lantern Flashlights

Another fun stuff to bring camping is this LED lantern which is one of the best sellers in the market today. The LED lantern has very good quality for an affordable cost and it also offers a unique camping sensation. Made with military-grade components, the lantern features durability in all kinds of external elements.

Moreover, LED lantern is lightweight making it easy to transport. In terms of storage, it easily collapses thus does not take up much space. When in use, the battery will last for as long as twelve hours of continuous use.   

6. Smartphone-Charging Speaker

This speaker can be freely carried everywhere as you enjoy trail hiking, gardening, or sunbathing. The good thing about this Smartphone-charging speaker is that it works under solar power and is water-resistant. Moreover, connecting on this speaker is as easy as any device can connect via Bluetooth mode.

In case you want to recharge your Smartphone, simply use the USB port. When the speaker is not in the sun, the solar battery can work until eight hours. Yet, it will still play and charge if the battery is in the sun.

7. Solar Camp Shower

The solar camp shower is another fun stuff to bring camping. You can definitely enjoy the cold water from the shower even when you are on the campsite through this cool stuff. The material comes out of PVC-free components and can hold water up to 5 gallons capacity.

Generally, this camp shower let the individual to fill the bucket with water and simply hang it under the sun to feel the summer vibe of the shower. Using this solar camping shower may let you wash your hands and feet easily as well while on the campsite. Moreover, it also comes with a fill cap and a valve for an on and off feature so that the water consumption will be saved.

8. Reflective Rope

fun stuff to bring camping
Image courtesy of Scandinavian Outdoor

In case you still need another rope for tripping aside from the rope from your tent, this reflective rope is a cool and great help. Actually, using this rope while camping may let you avoid hazard as the rope is very easy to see even when you are far at the campsite especially during the night. Additionally, this reflective rope ensures that the tent maintains to be intact.

9. Waterproof iPhone Case

If you have an iPhone and worried to get it wet by water during your camping trip, well this waterproof iPhone case is fun stuff to bring camping. Aside from being waterproof, it also serves as a protection for the rugged terrain. The case has anti-shock and anti-scratch features as well.

Additionally, it also comes with a built-in screen protector which permits to capture clear photos of the outdoor. Unlike other cases, this one will not break the sounds coming from your iPhone’s speaker. In fact, it will enhance it producing a sound like a portable speaker.

10. Water Trampoline

The water trampoline is also fun stuff to bring camping. Basically, you just need the platform to be loaded up and it quickly inflates itself. For only around 20 minutes, you can enjoy jumping over this water trampoline. Along with its package is a ladder which is made out of either stainless steel or aluminum. This will generally help the people on the camp to back on top after they have jumped.

11. Espresso Maker

A cup of coffee in the misty morning on the campsite is a good greeting as you rise. But, it would be generally especially if that would turn into an espresso. You can actually do this by having a portable espresso maker making it as fun stuff to bring camping.

The smallest espresso maker available in the market has a semi-automatic piston feature for the purpose of richly brewing of the coffee anywhere you want. The good thing about it is that it does not require compressed air, cartridges packed with N2O, or electricity in order to work. Just simple pour on the water plus the coffee beans, and presto, you have your espresso on the campground!

12. Hydration Bag Pack

You’ll never have to worry about the scarcity of water on the campsite as this bag pack will give you two liters of water. Due to its polyester material, it comes with a very durable feature. In addition to that, it is also lightweight and maintains the coolness of the water for about three hours even under the direct sunlight. It is very comfortable to carry because it is not as bulky as you think which makes it fun stuff to bring camping.

13. Portable Laundry Machine

You heard it right! You can wash your dirty clothes right away at the campsite through this portable washing machine. This fun stuff to bring camping is lightweight, very compact, and easy to use. Surprisingly, you can also put it inside the backpack as it can snugly fit there. Cool!

14. Outdoor Games

Usually, the traditional way of enjoying the camp is to be on the campground and sit around the fire. But, for most people of today’s time, there’s more enjoyable than that. So, bring on some games to be played while camping. Actually, there are various choices that can suit everyone’s preference. Here are some game suggestions that you could play on the campground:

  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Cornhole
  • Ladder Ball
  • Lawn Darts
  • Yard Yahtzee

With the advancement of technology, most of the outdoor games available in the market have a glow-in-the-dark feature making it fun stuff to bring camping. Additionally, you can also play this even on a dark night sky.

15. Mosquito Repellent

Basically, mosquito repellent is already a necessity during camping. However, there are mosquito repellent device available today that can keep the mosquitoes at bay even on the outdoor. This mosquito repellent device produces a scent-free protection zone with as far as 15-foot. It generally works through a cell fuel cartridge that heats up a disposable mat containing Allethrin, a type of natural repellent.

16. Rolling Grill

Another common essential on the campground is the grill. However, what makes this grill fun stuff to bring camping is that it is rolling making it easy to transport. This comes from a lightweight and durable aluminum material. It also has hollow modular grates which permit its rolling into a compact and portable weight of below 1.2 pounds.

Moreover, it is also coated with Teflon for a non-stick grilling and serving of healthier foodies on the campsite. Aside from that, cleaning is not a problem as it is very easy to clean up. In order to achieve convenient cooking, this appliance comes with grill guards, carry sacks, and size-adjustable stakes.

17. Inflatable Solar Lantern

Another lantern that we have on the list is this inflatable solar lantern. This fun stuff to bring camping is actually compact and also powered by solar energy. It also features a bright LED light under the Turbo mode. Meanwhile, it can also work for as long as 24 hours on the Low setting function.

fun stuff to bring camping
Image courtesy of Moja Gear

Moreover, you can also see the latest version of this product in the market which has a rechargeable feature via micro USB port. Using this USB port system, the charging time can last about 1 to 2 hours. But, if you opt to use the sunlight as a charging source through its built-in solar panel, wait for about 10 hours.

Moreover, this stuff is also waterproof and shatterproof and also has the ability to float on water. Due to its portable design and compactness, this solar lantern is a nice thing to hang around the campsite, not to mention its twist-to-close mechanism and adjustable strap.

18. Stormproof Match Set

The last thing on our list of fun stuff to bring camping is this stormproof match set which is a good must-have inside every camping bag. What’s great about this match set is its case that is basically durable and waterproof which can also float as well. Aside from that, it also has 3 strikers plus 25 pieces of matches that are all windproof and waterproof. This means that the match sticks can still light up even under the rain, snow, and heavy winds.

Final Thoughts -Fun stuff to bring camping

Camping should actually be fun, enjoyable, and relaxing. Because of the technological advancement that we have now, it becomes easier for the campers and backpackers to have amazing fun stuff to bring camping without any hassle. Moreover, through those kind of stuff innovated by technology, the relaxation goal of camping is not compromised while being close to nature at the same time.

Additionally, those kinds of stuff already enhanced the safety of the campers in so many ways through the help of technology. Although some people may think that it is nice to come outdoor and disconnect from the modern world for some time. Yet, bringing those gadgets and let them connect with nature will be highly appreciated by campers to make the outdoor living experience easier.

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