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Best Tracking Dogs For Hunting -14 Breeds

If you’re someone who has a dog, you probably have heard of the term “tracking dogs.” The best tracking dogs can follow their scent without a lot of assistance. This requires an experienced trainer, a steady hand, and training time. Training time by tempting your dog to chase after the …

Single Action vs Double Action for Concealed Carry

Concealed carry refers to the action of legally carrying a gun in public. The primary purpose of this is to ensure self-defense if need be. No one anticipates situations that require you to defend physically defend yourself. Although law enforcers are tasked with protecting people and maintaining peace, they are …
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Best Weapon Against Snakes

Snakes don’t have the best reputation in the animal kingdom, and for various reasons. Most people have a fight or flight response when interacting with snakes, and we understand why. These slithering creatures are not the friendliest. Some are venomous, while others can squeeze the breath out of you. If …