Best Tracking Dogs For Hunting -14 Breeds

If you’re someone who has a dog, you probably have heard of the term “tracking dogs.” The best tracking dogs can follow their scent without a lot of assistance. This requires an experienced trainer, a steady hand, and training time. Training time by tempting your dog to chase after the scent; they can only be distracted by the lure (the actual scent).

The best tracking dogs for hunting are bred for one purpose; following their prey or handler. They also need to be able to see in the dark, be able to pinpoint objects (both natural and artificial) at night with ease, and be able to find their way back home if they wander off.

If your dog is deemed an ideal hunting partner for you, make sure their training is up-to-date by working with a professional trainer that knows what he’s doing. A good starting point for hunting with a dog is to start practicing at home first with your dog before going out on a hunt together (if you have one).

What Is The Best Tracking Dog?

The best tracker dog can follow a scent quickly and be aware of any possible threats. Once the tracking dog has located a target, it must follow the scent for miles as it goes back and forth between the source of the smell and an unknown destination.

To be successful in this pursuit, the tracker dog must observe movement patterns, check for any changes or irregularities in a trail, and make decisions quickly on what direction to take. Your dog should have the first quality of, i.e., very energetic. This means that the dog will have to be able to run for a long time. In other words, the dog needs to be a fast runner.

How Do Tracking Dogs Help?

Hunters have used tracking dogs for centuries to help them find games. There are many different breeds of tracking dogs, but they all have the same purpose: to help the hunter find the game they are hunting. Tracking dogs use their keen sense of smell to follow the scent of the animal they are pursuing. They can track animals that are days or even weeks old. Some hunters use tracking dogs to hunt deer, elk, and other large game.

There are many benefits to using tracking dogs. One of the most obvious benefits is that tracking dogs can help you find your prey much faster than hunting on your own. In addition, tracking dogs can help you avoid getting lost in the wilderness and even help you find injured or lost animals.

What Makes A Good Tracking Dog?

There is no one answer to what makes a good tracking dog. Different breeds of dogs excel in different areas, depending on their natural abilities and the tasks they are asked to perform. Some dogs are better at tracking big games, while others are more adept at finding missing people or tracking down criminals.

The most important quality for a tracking dog is intelligence. The dog needs to understand what it is being asked to do and then carry out the task effectively. It must also have an excellent sense of smell and hearing and an ability to follow tracks made by other animals.

A trained tracker dog will use his nose to sniff around the area where he thinks something might lie and listen carefully for any sounds that may indicate the presence of prey. He’ll look for signs such as scat left behind by the animal and broken twigs from bushes and trees.

How Are Tracking Dogs Used In Hunting?

Some tracking dogs are bred for their ability to track games, while others are bred to retrieve downed games. Some dogs are even bred to be a combination of both tracker and retriever. Dogs have been used for hunting purposes for centuries, and they continue to be an important part of the hunting process today.

What Are The Best Breeds Of Tracking Dogs?

Many breeds of dogs are great at tracking, but some breeds are considered the best. The bloodhound is deemed one of the best breeds for tracking because of its keen sense of smell and determination. Other good breeds for tracking include the German shepherd, the Labrador retriever, and the Rottweiler. These breeds are known for their stamina, intelligence, and determination, perfect for tracking. Next, we will discuss some of the best tracking dogs for hunting or camping.

Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound

Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound

The Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound is a rare breed of dog known for its excellent tracking abilities. These dogs are bred for hunting and are considered some of the best tracking dogs in the world.

They have an amazing sense of smell and can track games for miles. They are also very loyal and protective of their family and make great pets. The owners must train them properly or work out well with children, other animals, or strangers. Because they are so good at finding things, it’s important to keep them away from trash bins and garbage cans because they could find food inside these items.

A bloodhound’s hearing is very sensitive, and it can hear even the slightest sound. They are the best police dogs in the world because they can track any criminal easily.


Rottweilers are a breed of dog known for their strength, intelligence, and tracking abilities. They are often used as police, search and rescue, and hunting dogs. Rottweilers are also known for their protective instincts and make excellent guard dogs. These dogs have powerful jaws and teeth, which help them fight off predators. The most important thing about these dogs is their loyalty to their owners. If you choose this type of dog as your guide dog, they will never leave you alone, even if there is an intruder around.

Rottweiler is a muscular, agile, and intelligent type of dog. They are an excellent hunter and guard dogs due to their ability to track, smell and hear. Rottweiler, being a ruff, hairless breed, has a resilient coat and never sheds. This enables them to avoid getting wet and uncomfortable during hunting expeditions. They have a tendency to have a short, smooth coat which makes them a good choice for owners who are keen on grooming their dogs.

Deutsch Drahthaar

Deutsch Drahthaar

The Deutsch Drahthaar is a German breed of dog used for hunting. The name “Drahthaar” means “hunter” or “hunting dog” in German. Since ancient times, these dogs have been around but were only recognized by the AKC as an official breed in 1885. Their coats come in many colors, including black, blue, red, tan, white, chocolate, fawn, apricot, lemon, orange, cream, silver fox, brindle, sable, and seal brown.

They are considered one of the best tracking dogs in the world. They are bred for their athleticism, intelligence, and obedience. They are also known for their ability to work in all weather conditions.


Jagdterriers are an old breed of dog that was originally bred in Germany to hunt foxes and badgers. They are now used as hunting dogs all over the world because of their superb tracking abilities. Jagdterriers are also very fearless and can take on animals much larger than themselves.

The Jagdterrier (English: Hunting Terrier) is a small dog breed of the terrier type originally bred in Germany for hunting fox, badger, and other small game.

The Jagdterrier is also used as a trailing dog for deer and boar. They are tenacious in pursuing their quarry and have a strong desire to please their owners. They can become aggressive with strangers or unfamiliar animals if they feel threatened. In addition, they tend to bark excessively at people who approach them while working.

Deutscher Wachtelhunds /German Spaniel

The Wachtelhund, also known as the German Hunting Terrier, is a dog breed used for hunting. They are considered one of the best tracking dogs available and can follow a scent for great distances. They are also very agile and have a high level of endurance, which makes them perfect for long hunts. Their short stature means not requiring much room when running around during a hunt. Hunters originally bred the Wachtelhund from Germany and Austria to track down games such as deer and boar.

The German Spaniel is a close cousin of the Deutscher Wachtelhund and shares many of the same qualities. He is also a great hunting dog. They are known for their exceptional sense of smell and determination when tracking prey. They make excellent companions for hunters who enjoy pursuing game in dense forests or thick brush.

Slovakian Hounds

The Slovakian Hound (aka Srhabh Hound) is a breed of hunting dog that is thought to have originated in Slovakia. They have a very keen sense of smell and can track prey for long distances. They are also very fast and agile, making them perfect for hunting in dense forests or over rough terrain. Slovakian Hounds are an ancient breed and were used by the Romans to hunt boar and deer. Today, they are used by hunters all over the world to track prey in difficult terrain.

Blue Lacy

The Blue Lacy is a breed of dog originally bred in Texas for hunting purposes. They are considered a versatile breed and are good at tracking and hunting deer, boar, and cougar. They are also used as search and rescue dogs and make excellent farm dogs. Blue Lacys are loyal and protective of their family and property. They are the best tracking dogs for hunting because of their superior scenting ability. Lacy’s are also very agile and have a strong prey drive, making them perfect for hunting small game. They are a medium-sized breed and can be used for tracking and trailing deer.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large mountain dog well-known for its abilities as a tracking dog. They are also considered to be one of the best-hunting dogs around. This breed is known for its tremendous stamina, which allows it to cover a lot of ground while on the hunt. Additionally, the Great Pyrenees is an extremely loyal dog fiercely protective of its family and property. The Great Pyrenees has a large and strong bone structure. It is built with a very muscular body and heavy bone structure. This breed weighs around 85 to 125 pounds at maturity, but it can be heavier or lighter depending on its genetic line.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America. They are often used as service dogs, therapy dogs, and pets. Golden Retrievers are also excellent tracking dogs, making them great hunting partners. They have a gentle temperament and are very easy to train. The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized breed that has a bright, shiny coat. The body of the Golden Retriever is solid and muscular, with a square head and eyes that are set high on the skull.

Irish Setters

The Irish Setter is a breed of dog known for its hunting skills. These dogs can track prey by scent, making them some of the best tracking dogs available. They are also very agile and can run long distances without getting tired. This makes them perfect for hunting big game like deer or elk. The Irish Setter is a medium-sized dog, although its build can vary greatly depending on the purpose for which it was bred. Their bodies are lean and muscular, with moderately long legs and necks. The Irish Setter is a compact dog with short legs, which is why it does well in hills and mountains. The breed is built to run and hunt for hours without tiring. Their tails are also the medium length and carried low.

Italian Spinone Toscanos/Italian Spinone Bianco

The Spinone Toscano is a breed of hunting dog that originated in Italy. This breed is considered one of the best tracking dogs for hunting. They have a strong scenting ability and can trail game for long distances. The Spinone Toscano is also known for its gentle temperament and friendly nature.


The Maltese dog is a small breed that originated on the Mediterranean island of Malta. They are known for their long, white hair and loving personality. Maltese dogs are gentle and playful, making them great family pets. They are also alert and intelligent, which makes them good watchdogs.


Dachshunds are the perfect choice for a tracking dog. They have a keen sense of smell and an excellent sense of direction. They can follow a scent trail for long distances, and they are relentless in their pursuit of game. Dachshunds are also fearless and determined, and they will never give up until they have found their quarry.

Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They are known for their friendly personalities and high energy levels. They are very intelligent dog and usually learns quickly. Cocker Spaniels are also great tracking dogs. They have a strong sense of smell and can follow trails for long distances.

This makes them excellent hunting dogs, particularly for tracking small game such as rabbits and squirrels. Their intelligence is another reason why this breed is so good at hunting. Hunters from all over the world have trained the Cocker Spaniel to be an effective hunter. A well-trained Cocker Spaniel can track down prey even if it’s covered with snow or mud!.

Final Thoughts!

There are many types of tracking dogs for our readers to name them all. However, I will mention four of the most popular ones and why they are so popular.

The first one is Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound is a rare breed of dog known for its excellent tracking abilities. These dogs are bred for hunting and are considered some of the best tracking dogs in the world.

The second one is the Golden retriever. This breed is known for its intelligence and alertness, making it an excellent working dog. This can brighten up any situation that demands an alert dog. It also has a good memory, making it a good family dog.

Next comes the Cocker Spaniel. This breed isn’t as cute as the Golden, but it is equally intelligent and alert, especially when tracking its prey. This breed is also incredibly patient with children and children’s toys, making it a great family pet.

The last dog on this list is the Labrador Retriever. This breed is near-perfect in every way that matters: loyalty, loyalty, and more loyalty; high intelligence; patience; affectionate nature; and — you guessed it — intelligence! It’s not hard to see why this breed has such a wide following on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter!

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