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10 Fun Things To Bring Camping For Adults

Camping is fun, but the experience can become more enjoyable for adults with a few added items on their list. Aside from tents, sleeping bags, food, and whatnots, it would be best if you didn’t forget to bring stuff that will let you enjoy your outing with friends or family. In this post, I listed 10 of the fun things to bring camping for adults that you can consider carrying on your next trip:

1. Guitar (or any musical instrument)

fun things to bring camping for adults

One of the fun things you can bring on a camping trip is a guitar. If you don’t want an instrument this bulky, you can opt for a ukulele instead.

Singing by the bonfire never grows old for campers. You can even ask for song requests from the group to keep the fun going. Nothing is warmer than singing with your family and friends on a cozy night.

If your group is into music, you can even bring a flute, harmonica, and a violin to complete the ensemble. You can get whichever musical instrument you find enjoyable to play.

2. Adult card games

For a group of bored adults, card games like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Truth or Dare, and so on are excellent choices. It’s sure to crack laughter from the group!

Aside from card games, you can also bring board games and other toys like Jenga to keep the group entertained. The good thing about the card and board games is that they strengthen the bond between you and your family or friends. It’s also guaranteed to keep everyone off their phones.

Just be careful because some card games can cause explosive laughter, which your camping neighbors may not like!

3. Outdoor projector

fun things to bring camping for adults

If you want a more laidback form of entertainment, an outdoor projector is what you should bring. Through this device, you can watch movies with your family and friends. You can use this inside the tent or outdoors by hanging a white cloth to serve as the screen.

I use the PVO Mini Projector for our camping trips. This device can project up to 150 inches in width when viewed from a distance. It’s also complete with multiple connection ports to connect your mobile device.

This projector has always been a big hit for our camping trips. It’s also affordable, making it a budget-friendly choice for most campers.

4. Portable grill

You don’t have to miss your grilled favorites just because you’re camping. A portable grill will let you make barbecues, burgers, and kebabs while at the campsite. It’s an excellent pair for movie nights using your outdoor projector.

Propane canisters often power portable grills. You have to stock up a few cans to enjoy your favorite meal. Just remember that you should never use a portable grill inside the tent. Doing so can cause a fire and even expose your group to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, it would help if you chose a portable grill with a serving size that suits your group.

5. Binoculars

Binoculars are great tools for bird watching and even stargazing. It’s also helpful to spot bears and wildlife from afar before it gets into your campsite.

For starters, I recommend the occer 12 x 25 Compact Binoculars. These are great for low-light and wet conditions. It’s an excellent choice for kids and adults alike who want to explore around without spending too much on a pair of binoculars. And since it’s small, the occer binoculars are easy to pack.

I also like that this has adjustable eyecups that suit even eyeglass wearers. It also has long eye relief, which is surprising for its low price.

6. Hammock

Nothing beats lazying on a quiet afternoon on a hammock as you watch the trees sway on the breeze. This is also a great resting place without stepping inside the tent. Some campers even prefer sleeping in hammocks at night instead of camping tents.

One of the hammocks I bring during camping is Wise Owl Outfitters. It’s available in different colors and only weighs 24 ounces. You can even pack it in a small pouch to not consume too much space inside the bag.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is made of parachute nylon with interlocking stitching. It’s durable and has held up well on our camping trips.

7. Polaroid camera

Are you fond of photography? A Polaroid camera will be an exciting item to carry on your next camping trip. This will let you create a scrapbook of your camping experience while you’re at the campsite. You can take snaps around the bonfire or together with your camping group.

For our camping trips, I have the Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Camera. It has autofocus and a double exposure feature that lets you capture two moments in one photo. I also like the actual flash, which helps produce clear images on every snap.

Overall, this Polaroid cam has a classic portable design but with modern features. The best part is it’s under a hundred bucks!

8. Telescoping fishing rod

Are you a self-proclaimed master angler? Don’t miss the chance to flex your fishing skills during your camping trip!

Many campsites have artificial ponds and lakes with fishing areas. Here, you can spend time hooking a catch with your friends.

For camping, I always bring my PLUSSINO Telescoping Fishing Rod. It’s a compact fishing rod, but it still performs well for small to medium catches. It’s also fitted with a stainless steel hooded reel and an instant anti-reverse design.

With a telescoping fishing rod, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of carrying a cumbersome tackle.

9. Camping bingo cards

Do you want a grown-up version of a scavenger hunt or an all-day game for your group? If so, you should try camping bingo. Instead of numbers, the bingo cards will have specific tasks or situations. For example, you can include ‘yellow flower’ or ‘something prickly.’

You can print your bingo cards at home, so you can also customize what’s in them. I always volunteer for this game because I love making new tasks and goals to encourage them to finish the bingo game.

10. Water trampoline

If you’re camping near a beach or lake, you can also bring a water trampoline. The adults also need to unwind and have fun!

These inflatable trampolines are available in different sizes. And since it’s inflatable, you can easily pack it inside a bag. Young or old, everyone will indeed have fun on the water!

I recommend the Rave Bongo Water Bouncer. It’s made of industrial-grade material and is available in four sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to bring for camping with friends?

A: When camping with friends, you should bring more than the essentials. Don’t forget some fun games and items that make each camping day or night memorable. Don’t forget about yummy snacks and drinks, which will come in handy while everyone is around the bonfire.

Q: How do you spice up camping?

A: To make your camping experience more fun, you can bring entertaining items like card games, water trampolines, a portable grill, and so on. Many campers also like scavenger hunts and campfire cones. It’s essential to match the activities to the age of the campers to ensure everyone’s safety.

Q: What do you do in a tent at night?

A: Inside the tent, you can play card games, play music, tell stories, or stargaze by opening a portion of the tent. Avoid eating inside the tent as this might invite bears and other wild animals. Also, avoid doing anything that will produce a strong scent, like spraying perfume or cooking.

Q: What can you do in a tent with friends?

A: You can play board games or sing with friends inside the tent. Watching movies is also a great way to make your camping experience more rewarding. Others would play video games through their electronic devices.

Q: How do you make camping special?

A: Planning your camping will ensure that it will be an outing worth remembering. Make sure that you pack the essentials and bring fun items to keep everyone entertained. It would help if you also played games to let everyone join in.

Final words

These fun things to bring camping for adults are just some of the entertaining items you can take on your next trip. Always consider your group’s interests to make the trip enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Feel free to share it below!

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