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Best Camping Drinking Games

As someone who loves the great outdoors and a good drink, I can’t think of a better combination than camping drinking games. From classic favorites like Beer Pong and Flip Cup to lesser-known games like Thumper and King’s Cup, there’s no shortage of fun and laughter to be had around the campfire.

But why do we love these games so much? Is it the competition? The camaraderie? Or simply the buzz of alcohol mixed with the fresh mountain air? Whatever the reason, camping drinking games have become a beloved tradition for many outdoor enthusiasts. But it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and always prioritize safety while playing.

So grab a cooler, pack your camping gear, and get ready to have some boozy fun in nature. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular camping drinking games, as well as some tips for staying safe while enjoying them. Let’s dive in!

Beer Pong: Players throw a ping-pong ball into a cup of beer or other beverage. If it lands in, the opposing team must drink the beverage.

Beer Pong is a popular and creative drinking game that can turn any camping night into an exciting party. This game has been around for decades, and it’s no surprise why it remains a favorite among adults. Beer Pong offers a fun way for camping enthusiasts to unwind and socialize, and it’s an excellent way to break the ice and meet new people.

If you’re planning a camping trip and want to enjoy some good old-fashioned drinking games, here are some tips and tricks for playing beer pong:

1. Set up your playing area: find a flat surface and mark a triangle using cups. Two triangles per team, forming a diamond shape at the end.

2. Fill the Cups: Fill the cups with the beverages of your choice, and make sure that they are evenly spaced out. Some people prefer beer, but others use water or non-alcoholic beverages instead.

3. Start playing: Determine which team starts and begin the game. Each team takes a turn until all cups are eliminated. The last team standing wins.

4. Stay Hydrated: Remember to stay hydrated and take breaks in between games to avoid dehydration.

5. Make sure Everyone is Safe: It’s important to ensure that everyone drinks responsibly and stays safe during the game. Don’t hesitate to limit the game or take away the balls if someone is too drunk.

beer pong offers a great way to get everyone participating in camping drinking games while having a great time. Remember to ensure that everyone plays responsibly, stays hydrated, and have fun!

Flip Cup: Players must drink their beverage and flip their cup upside down as quickly as possible.

Flip Cup is a creative and attractive camping drinking game that requires players to drink their beverage and flip their cup upside down as quickly as possible. This game is perfect for a camping trip with friends, where you can enjoy your favorite drink and have some fun. In this game, players must flip their cup in a specific way, and there are some tips and tricks that can help you become a pro at Flip Cup.

In this article, we will provide you with some useful tips and tricks that you can use to improve your skills at this game and make your camping trip even more memorable.

1. Use a Solo Cup
One of the best tips for Flip Cup is to use a solo cup. These cups are easy to flip and lightweight, which makes them perfect for this game. Make sure to fill your cup with the desired amount of your favorite drink before starting the game.

2. Choose Your Team Wisely
You can either play Flip Cup as a one-on-one game or as a team game. If you are playing as a team, make sure to choose your teammates wisely. You will need people who are good at drinking and flipping cups. A well-coordinated team can make all the difference in winning the game.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
Just like any other game, practice makes perfect. Set up a practice game before the actual game, and try to master your flipping technique. You can even challenge your friends to see who can flip their cup the fastest.

4. Establish Clear Rules
Before you start the game, establish clear rules that everyone should follow. This will help avoid confusion and disagreements during the game. Make sure to agree on the number of players, cups, and drinks to be used in the game.

5. Flip with a Purpose
When flipping your cup, make sure to flip it with a purpose. Aim to land the cup as quickly as possible, as this will give you an advantage over your opponents. Practice your flipping technique to ensure that your cup lands upside down on the first try.

Overall, Flip Cup is a fun and exciting camping drinking game that can be enjoyed by everyone. With these tips and tricks, you can improve your skills and become a pro at this game. Remember to drink responsibly and have fun!

Thumper: Players take turns saying “thumper” and clapping their hands on the table. Whoever does it last has to drink.

Thumper is the perfect addition to any camping trip that includes adult beverages. This game is bound to bring laughter and fun to the group while still being simple enough to learn quickly. The objective of the game is straightforward – players take turns saying “thumper” and clapping their hands on the table. The last person to do so must drink. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Thumper game even more enjoyable:

1. Establish the order of players: Before starting the game, establish the order of players. This helps to avoid confusion and ensures that everyone gets a turn.

2. Set the tempo: Setting a quick pace for the game creates a sense of excitement and tension. Encourage players to clap their hands loudly and quickly as they say “thumper.”

3. Add variations: To make the game more interesting, add variations such as changing the word “thumper” to a different word or having players make animal noises.

4. Know your limits: Make sure that everyone who participates in the game knows their drinking limits and sticks to them. Drinking games should be fun, not dangerous.

5. Play responsibly: As always, make sure that everyone is playing responsibly and is of legal drinking age. This game is meant to be a fun addition to a camping trip, not a reason to over-consume alcohol.

Thumper is a great camping drinking game that can provide hours of entertainment. As with any drinking game, it’s important to play responsibly and prioritize safety. With these tips and tricks, your Thumper game is sure to be a hit among your friends.

Quarters: Players take turns bouncing a quarter off a table and into a cup. If they make it, the opposing team must drink.

Quarters is a classic drinking game that never goes out of style, especially in camping scenarios where people are looking to have some fun. This creative and attractive camping drinking game is easy to learn, and it is perfect for groups of friends who want to pass the time in the great outdoors. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Quarters:

1. Setup: Gather a group of four or more players, a quarter, and a small cup for each team. Find a flat surface like a picnic table, or level ground for playing the game.

2. Starting the game: Both teams must take turns bouncing the quarter off the table and into the cup. If the player is successful, they get to choose an opposing team member to drink. If they miss, the opposing team can try to bounce the quarter as well.

3. Rules and rules variations: Players can’t touch the quarter after it lands in the cup; they can only drink it out of the cup. Another variation of the game is to add a “social” aspect. If a player bounces the quarter into the cup three times in a row, everyone must drink. Or, players can place the cups in a triangle formation and try to bounce the quarter into different cups. This rule adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game.

4. Tips for success: The key to winning this game is to practice and get a feel for how the quarter bounces. Successful players usually put a spin on the quarter and aim for the middle of the cup. Players can also vary the angle from which they bounce the quarter to throw off the other team’s rhythm.

5. Drink responsibly: As with any drinking game, it’s essential to drink responsibly. Ensure that everyone is aware of their limits and drinks at their own pace. It’s also vital to have plenty of water and snacks on hand in case the fun gets too intense.

Quarters is a classic camping drinking game that is sure to be a hit with your friends. Following the tips and tricks outlined above will ensure that everyone has a great time while staying safe and responsible.

King’s Cup: Players draw cards and have to do a specific action depending on the card drawn.

King’s Cup is a popular camping drinking game that promises endless fun and entertainment. This creative and attractive game requires players to draw cards from a deck, each representing a specific action, and everyone has to participate in the action indicated by the card. This game brings together elements of chance, skill, and creativity to keep everyone engaged. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make the most out of your King’s Cup experience while camping.

1. Set up the game: To play King’s Cup, you need a deck of cards, a cup, and a group of people who are down for some fun. Spread the cards around the cup face down in a circle, with each card representing a different action. Depending on the card chosen, players will have to either drink, make a rule, or perform a specific action.

2. Designate a King: The first player who draws a King card becomes the King and can make any rule they want, which all players should abide by unless they draw another King card.

3. Memorize the card meanings: Each card in King’s Cup has a unique meaning that all players must remember. Here’s a brief overview: For Ace, drink one; for Two, drink two; for Three, drink three; for Four, floor (all players have to touch the ground); for Five, guys (all male players drink); for Six, chicks (all female players drink); for Seven, heaven (all players point to the sky); for Eight, mate (choose a player to drink with); for Nine, rhyme (say a word and move clockwise around the group, with each person saying a word that rhymes); for Ten, categories (pick a category and each player has to name something from that category); for Jack, make a rule (which must be followed for the rest of the game); for Queen, question master (if someone answers her question, they drink); for King, pour some of their drink into the cup in the middle of the game (the person who draws the fourth King card has to drink the entire cup).

4. Stay engaged and have fun: King’s Cup is a game of chance and skill, so it’s important to stay engaged and pay attention to what is happening around you. Embrace the creativity and spontaneity of the game, and remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun with your friends while camping.

King’s Cup is a fantastic camping drinking game that combines elements of chance, skill, and creativity. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to fully enjoy the game the next time you’re out camping with friends.

Power Hour: Players take a shot of beer every minute for an hour.

Power Hour is an innovative and exciting camping drinking game that requires players to take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. It’s an excellent way for friends to unwind, bond, and explore the outdoors while enjoying a cold beverage. The game is flexible and can easily accommodate a group of any size. Here are some tips and tricks on how to play Power Hour and make it an unforgettable experience:

1. Set Up: Choose a location with enough space for everyone to sit comfortably and have their drinks. Set up a timer or use a phone app that sounds an alarm every minute. Prepare shot glasses, a scorecard, and some snacks.

2. Beer Selection: Choose a beer that won’t get you too drunk too fast and one that everyone enjoys. Make sure you have enough beer for the entire game, and keep it chilled throughout the hour.

3. Remember Your Limits: Drinking games can be fun, but it’s essential to know your limits and drink responsibly. Don’t pressure anyone to take more drinks than they can handle.

4. Stay Hydrated: Encourage everyone to drink water throughout the game, especially if it’s hot out. Dehydration and alcohol can be a dangerous combination.

5. Engage in Activities While Drinking: To make the game more enjoyable, think of some fun activities to do during the Power Hour. You can play a game of cards, charades or sing-along to your favorite camping songs.

6. Keep Score: Keep track of how many shots each player has taken and add it up at the end of the hour. The person who took the most is the winner. Consider having a prize for the winner or penalty for the loser.

7. Have Fun: Lastly, have fun! Power Hour is a fun and creative way to spend time with friends, enjoy camping and have some drinks. Enjoy the experience, and make it a memorable one!

Power Hour is an excellent game for camping and drinking. It’s a simple yet effective way to engage with your friends while exploring the outdoors. With these tips and tricks, you’ll have an unforgettable and safe Power Hour experience.

Waterfall: Players start chugging their drinks at the same time. The last person to finish has to drink the most.

Waterfall is a creative and attractive camping drinking game that involves players chugging their drinks simultaneously. The last person to finish their drink is the one who has to drink the most. This game can add even more excitement to your camping trip and create a fun and competitive atmosphere. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your game of Waterfall runs smoothly:

1. Choose the right drinks: You want to choose drinks that everyone is comfortable chugging. Beer, cider, or even water are great options. Avoid anything too strong, as it may lead to people getting sick.

2. Set some rules: Make sure everyone knows the rules before you start playing. Explain how the game works and what the penalties are for losing. This will keep everyone on the same page and ensure that the game runs smoothly.

3. Keep the drinks cold: Chugging warm drinks can be unpleasant, so make sure you have a way to keep your drinks cold. A cooler or ice bucket works well. You could even freeze your drinks before the game to ensure that they stay cold for longer.

4. Have a designated driver: It’s important to have a designated driver in case anyone gets too drunk to drive. This will ensure that everyone stays safe and can have a good time.

5. Keep it fun: Remember that the goal of the game is to have fun and enjoy your camping trip. Keep the game lighthearted and fun, and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Overall, Waterfall is a fun and exciting camping drinking game that can add even more enjoyment to your trip. Just remember to drink responsibly and stay safe!

The idea of Most Likely

The idea of Most Likely is a creative and attractive addition to camping drinking games. It is a fun and interactive way to get to know your friends’ personalities and habits, while enjoying a few drinks and the great outdoors. Here are some tips and tricks for playing this game:

1. Establish ground rules: Before starting the game, make sure everyone understands the rules and agrees to them. Set boundaries and limits to ensure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

2. Choose a moderator: It’s helpful to have one person designated as the moderator to keep the game moving and make sure everyone has a fair turn.

3. Prepare a list of questions: Write down a list of ‘most likely’ questions beforehand, so you are ready to go. Questions could range from silly and outrageous to more personal and revealing.

4. Get creative with questions: The more creative and unexpected the questions are, the more fun the game will be. Think outside the box and tailor questions to your group’s personalities and interests.

5. Drink in moderation: This is a drinking game, but it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and in moderation. Encourage everyone to pace themselves and stay hydrated.

6. Have fun: The most important tip is to have fun! This game is meant to be a lighthearted and enjoyable activity to do with your friends while camping. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the company of those around you.

Overall, Most Likely is a fun and interactive way to enjoy camping with your friends. Just remember to be safe, have fun, and drink responsibly.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Camping Drinking Games

The idea of camping can be made even more attractive with the addition of camping drinking games. It is a creative and fun way to spend time with friends and family, and it offers a unique experience. Here are some tips and tricks to make your camping drinking games a memorable one.

1. Pack simple yet fun games: Games like beer pong, flip cup, or cornhole are easy to set up and do not require many accessories. These games will keep everyone entertained all night.

2. Bring proper gear: Make sure to bring reusable cups, and avoid glass bottles for safety reasons. Keep everything organized in a cooler and bring enough ice to keep your drinks cold all night long.

3. Plan ahead: Drinking games can get messy, so make sure to set up in an area that is easy to clean and away from valuable items. Also, make sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand.

4. Create variations: To keep things interesting, come up with different variations of the games and mix up the rules. This will keep everyone engaged and excited to try new things.

5. Staying safe: Always remember to drink responsibly and keep an eye on your guests. Make sure everyone has a designated driver or a plan to stay the night if they are too intoxicated to drive.

Camping drinking games are an excellent way to add some extra fun to your camping trip. With the right gear and a little creativity, your camping trip will be a success. Pick a game, grab a drink, and enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones!


Camping drinking games offer a fun and social way to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family. Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Thumper, Quarters, and King’s Cup are just a few of the many games that can be played while camping. These games not only provide entertainment but also allow players to bond and create lasting memories.

By participating in these games, campers can let loose and relax, reducing stress and improving their mental health. So, the next time you plan a camping trip, don’t forget to pack some cups and your favorite beverages to enjoy the ultimate camping drinking game experience!

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