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Best Waterproofing Spray For Outdoor Fabric — OUR TOP PICKS!

If you are going on an adventure, be it camping trips, hike trails, or maybe you’re just going outside, better to have the best waterproofing spray for your outdoor fabric. This is because it preserves and maintains the condition of your items. Also, waterproofing spray will protect you from outside elements, which can cause damage or make your shoes get dirty. That’s why you need to invest in one of these because it adds an extra layer for protection.

With that in mind, if you are planning to buy or have just come across our article, we will recommend to you some of the best waterproofing sprays for outdoor fabric. These best products have qualities and effectively repel water without causing any damage. So bear with us and scroll out to find out our product reviews.

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What Are Waterproofing Sprays?

The process of applying waterproofing sprays is fascinating and instrumental when it comes to outdoor gear. They can repel the water from coming in by blocking the pores. That said, they are capable of blocking the water from entering your fabric and other items.

Waterproofing sprays are very similar to products that feature water-resistant or waterproof. Although the main difference is spray doesn’t require high-end technical fabrics while the built-in water-resistant products have one. Also, they are both resistant to moisture.

This will solely depend on what brands you are using when it comes to its effectiveness. Because some offer for a short time only other brands have longer span. However, even if it’s a longer span, it doesn’t last forever, which will require you to spray it once again the moment it’s starting to lose its effect.

Yet, it’s still cost-effective to apply the waterproof spray to your item compared to buying a new thing. Many people believe it because of its excellent capabilities to prolong your gear’s lifespan. After all, if it’s still usable, throwing it is not an option only an application of waterproof sprays will make things better.

Awesome Benefits of Waterproofing Spray For Outdoor Fabric

There are surprising reasons when using the waterproofing spray for your outdoor fabric, and it’s a lifesaver for your other items as well. If you still doubt the power of waterproofing spray, we have listed some of the surprising benefits that users have said. That said, prepare to be convinced!

Protection from the Rain

The apparent benefit is waterproofing spray can protect your item from the rains. With heavy rainfall or drizzle, you won’t have to worry about getting your shoes or other fabric items wet with the right waterproofer spray. It’s a simple product yet a powerful and handy tool when there’s trouble with water. However, it will depend on what brand you are using because not all waterproofing sprays are effective and have the same quality.

Protection from Stains

Another benefit of applying waterproofing spray is it can protect even from stains. Stains are your worse enemy, along with water. Because they are likely to damage your fabric item and even leave a permanent mark depending on the type of stain, this will ruin your item’s visual appearance. Stains can also decrease your fabric’s longevity.

This is where waterproofing spray comes into play. Applying it with a waterproofer will provide an added layer for protection against stains because it creates an invisible shield that no type of stain can pass through.

Improves Longevity

Waterproofing sprays are capable of prolonging your fabric item’s longevity. Aside from providing an added layer of protection, it also reinforces the fabric’s durability to withstand severe weather conditions.

Otherwise, if there’s no application of waterproofing spray, then you are leaving your item open to vulnerabilities. Among the benefits of investing in one of these sprays is that it can last longer than you can imagine.

It Protects From Moisture

Another essential benefit of waterproofing is something to do with moisture. The moisture build-up is very unlikely if you apply a waterproofing spray to your fabric item.

Although it’s not just the waterproofing spray that can ultimately stave off the moisture build and how you properly maintain your gear or fabric item, waterproofing spray is just secondary maintenance.

Best Waterproofing Spray For Outdoor Fabric — OUR TOP PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: KIWI Waterproofing Spray

Product Description: Our best pick is the KIWI Waterproofing Spray. It has an amazing formula and works excellently on leather boots as well as camping tents. Be it on patio furniture or any type of fabric, this will make sure that your gear is protected from moisture, spills, and heavy rain.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStoreOnly

  • Duration
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for Money


All in all, we love this because it’s an excellent product. Heavy-duty perfectly works on all types of fabric and even on camping tents. What’s more fascinating about this is there’s no smell. No wonder we consider this as the best waterproofing spray for outdoor fabric.


Odorless Heavy-duty use Ideal for all fabrics and leather


None so far


303 Fabric Guard Waterproofing Spray

Best Waterproofing Spray For Outdoor Fabric

Coming to our second-best pick is the 303 Fabric Guard Waterproofing Spray. It is efficient, versatile, and safe to use in almost all fabrics, including synthetics and natural fibers.

You can safely bet on this product because it protects the applied items from spills or harsh weather. Interestingly enough, this won’t alter the fabric’s color, flammability, or breathability.

Trusted by thousands of Amazon reviews, this also builds a reputation and garners well-received feedback. Apart from that, 303 Fabric Guard further improves the oil and water-based stain resistance, which keeps the fabrics dry. It’s safe to use but provides robust protection.

This product seems decent enough, and it is very effective and adds protection once applied to fabric items. However, this is not an excellent choice for rubber, leather, or vinyl. However, it’s still a fantastic product because it’s versatile and very affordable given its size.

  • Versatile
  • Provides premium protection
  • Restore lost water- and stain-repellency
  • Not an excellent choice for rubber, leather, or vinyl

Star Brite Waterproofing Spray

This will do most of the job, especially if you have boat covers, boots, backpacks, and outdoor fabric. This is quite large; that’s why it’s a protection for the more extended longevity of the item.

This brand is the Star Brite Waterproofing Spray. It’s not only waterproof for the fabric, but it also protects your items from UV rays and stains. That’s why we have included this product because we know that this will be extremely useful.

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t change the breathability, feel, or color of the fabric, and it beautifully preserves the item.

It’s excellent for canvas, polyester, nylon, cotton, and acrylic. Also, this is great for big projects and usually for commercial establishments. This is an excellent life extender of the item.

All in all, Star Brite Waterproofing Spray is ideal if you intend to use it in big projects and bulk quantities. This is rated premium, and the quality of this is amazing. It’s also fascinating that you can apply it to almost any type of fabric—no more hassle when it rains because of this beautiful product.

  • Excellent for big projects
  • Can be applied to almost any fabrics
  • The smell is not pleasant

What To Look For In Buying The Best Waterproofing Spray For Outdoor Fabric?

We know that there are hundreds of products that offer the same service. But what differs in each of them is the quality and effectivity they gave. That’s why before you buy your ideal waterproofing spray, it’s a wise decision that you should consider some of these essential attributes first because this will help in narrowing down your selection process.


See to it that your material is compatible before choosing a waterproofing spray. Because if you bought the wrong product, this would likely cause discoloration due to the chemical contents of the spray. This can also leave stains that will further damage your item.

Toxic Element

Make sure that the waterproofing spray does not contain any harmful chemical properties, especially if you have pets or children in your household. Also, for more added safety measures, you should at least store in a place where it is out of reach for children and pets.


Some waterproofing spray contains an odor that can bum you out. You should research wisely and check if there are any odors before considering them for buying because some of those products contain strong odors due to specific formulas.


Our world is becoming harsher and harsher; you might need to choose a protective waterproofing spray with an eco-friendly formulation. Because the earth is saturated with pollution and adding this product will only worsen the planet’s current state. That’s why you also need to consider your surroundings. Good thing that some waterproofing sprays are eco-friendly.

Durability and Protection

Waterproofing sprays are all protective, but the level of water protection varies from each product. The differences have something to do with ingredients. Some provide UV protection and prevent materials from fading. Although there are very few products capable of protecting all surfaces equally, most of them are expensive.

Another important thing is the durability of the coating the moment you apply the waterproofing spray. It will also depend on the frequency you use. If you use your jacket every day, you will have to apply it if the effectiveness is worn out.

Final Thoughts

Having the best waterproofing spray for your outdoor fabric is extremely useful, and it can even prolong your item’s longevity. Although be careful when buying this because some products aren’t effective and it’s just a waste of money. That’s you need to make sure you have the best outcome.

You can refer to our buying guide for more info and help you narrow down your selection process. Hopefully, you liked what you saw. If you try one of these, leave a comment below!

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