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Best Flashlight for Night Walking – Our Top 5 Picks!

Flashlights are not a common thing to keep in mind when people go out. In case you forget your flashlight, it is normal. You can get outside by having a flashlight on hand when you have your phone with you. But, the best flashlight for night walking is essential when you walk out at night to keep you safe.

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We reviewed here the five of the best flashlights available in town today. Additionally, we also have different flashlights that you can use when you want to walk outside at night. If you are having a hard time looking for the best flashlight, we have here the essential features that you must consider. So, come on and check them out below.

Types of the Best Flashlight for Night Walking

Whatever you do outdoors at night, you need to bring flashlights with you. Here are the different types of the best flashlight for night walking that you can use.

Regular Flashlights

The regular one is the conventional type of flashlight. Remember those flashlights that your parents use during the night in case of a power outage; it is the standard flashlight. However, as technology is involved, there is already an ordinary flashlight for night walking that has enhanced battery life. Moreover, some of them are also technologically developed to increase their brightness during the night.


Headlamps have straps that can be used to attach to your head. If ever you forget that, then you might encounter some problems ahead. Ideally, this kind of the best flashlight for night walking is straightforward to use as it doesn’t require your hands to use it. It would be best if you strapped it around your head, and that’s it.

This type of flashlight is widely available in different stores outdoor for use by adults and even for children. Besides, children’s headlamps come with easily adjustable and safety features.


If you are going to stay for a long time vacation in the backcountry, the lanterns are the ideal type of flashlight to bring. It is also suitable for small groups because it can be placed on the ground in the middle of all the individuals involved. However, they are not that similar to the conventional type of flashlight, yet the performance is still the same. Besides, they are generally easy to carry and hang anywhere.

Compact Flashlights

Generally, this type of the best flashlight for night walking is perfect for lightweight backpackers who want to maintain a minimum load capacity. As the word implies, a compact is easy to transport and won’t take much space inside the bag. But, it does more tasks as well despite the size.

Safety Lights

This is not a flashlight, though it can perform the same job as it can give off light to warn others that you’re around. In most accident cases, forgetting flashlights is generally okay. Yet, ignoring these safety lights gives more risk as the search and rescue operations might have issues spotting you around. Typically, the safety lights have different armbands, shoe straps, or zipper attachments.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Flashlight for Night Walking

best flashlight for night walking

1. Lightweight and Long-lasting

The best flashlight for night walking comes out of durable material which can prevent any damage. In addition to that, it must also be lightweight. Moreover, it is also essential to consider the feel of the flashlight when in your hands, especially when you need to carry it around or to light a tight spot.

Most of the flashlights available in the market today are made out of aluminum. Yet, some use high-grade aircraft alloy material. This material features an anti-abrasive and reflective coating. Generally, this means that the best flashlight for night walking must withstand various wear and tear and any harsh weather conditions.

2. Lighting Power

The lumen is generally the measuring unit of the flashlight’s lighting power. This relates to the light beam intensity coming from the flashlight. Usually, the flashlight has two outputs, the brightness and the beam’s distance. This ranges from an average of 14 to 20 lumens to a maximum of 900 lumens. Ideally, this light output is already sound in finding your way during camping.

3. Battery

Some flashlights use AA or AAA batteries; however, others may utilize batteries made from rechargeable lithium to extend the shelf life. Yet, in these cases, the battery’s durability must also be based on the frequency of using the flashlight. Aside from that, it may also vary in its use on the high power mode for long periods.

You can determine if it’s already time to replace or recharge the battery. You need to check the light output if it gradually reduces over time. Or, it would also be reviewed by its constant light work and then flicker out suddenly.

4. Waterproof or Water-resistant

Since you are walking outdoor, the flashlight you must look for features a waterproof or water-resistant property to protect it from the rain if it falls unexpectedly. This feature may also help in the case of fishing. The immersion test is the test that can determine the resistance of the flashlight to water.

When subjected to this test, the flashlight is rated through an IPX rating which indicates the level of resistance or waterproof. An IPX-1 generally means that the flashlight can stand the rain in a short period. Meanwhile, the IP-4 rating shows that the device can hold water differently. And the IPX-7 dictates that the flashlight can stand its immersion on the water with a depth of 1 meter for about 30 minutes in a safe manner.

5. Settings and Other Special Modes

There are other flashlights with additional settings that are adjustable based on the lighting needs.

Flood Light

This unique mode on the best flashlight for night walking is the fixed light. A single beam offers an intense light and provides the required illumination.


The spotlight is a single beam on a focus mode that has a lighting purpose that needs illumination for long distances. This setting is good within the law enforcement jobs and other activities on the outdoor.

Strobe and SOS Light

Moreover, this unique mode of light is excellent for gaining security. Perhaps, this lighting feature is very much required for the outdoor.

Red Light Laser Pointer

Aside from the white light illumination, some flashlights give off a red light laser. This is perfect for outdoor activities like camping and fishing.

Adjustable Beam

Generally, there are flashlights available in the market that permit the adjustment of the beam’s setting. The adjustment can also be made in the direction of the shaft.

Adjustable Brightness

The flashlight’s brightness also comes in either two to three setting options. These setting tools will let you change the brightness and the beam intensity. It usually ranges from low, medium, and high settings.

The low setting is actually for the use of the flashlight at home. If you want something for outdoor security purposes, you can use a higher setting.

6. Flashlight Longevity

A good performance of the best flashlight for night walking may be achieved even if you do not use the high-intensity setting for brightness over a long period. Generally, an eco-setting is good for conserving the lamp and the flashlight’s battery life. Going on the eco-mode is better than using high power to save lighting.

7. LED and Incandescent Bulbs

The bulb is an important feature to consider when buying the best flashlight for night walking. The LED bulbs are generally designed not to heat up too much compared to the incandescent bulbs.

List of the Best Flashlight for Night Walking

OUR TOP PICK: Maglite ML50LX 3-Cell Flashlight

Product Name: Maglite ML50LX 3-Cell Flashlight

Product Description: The Maglite is actually the best flashlight for night walking and it is basically the number one recognizable name within the industry. It is well-known in making premium quality and trusted flashlights for security purposes. That’s why the Maglite ML50LX 3-Cell Flashlight is one of the best flashlights for night walking. Additionally, it has a 3-cell capacity for long-lasting battery life and a high level of lighting performances. Moreover, it features an extreme style out of Diamond Knurl design plus a sturdy anodized aluminum body-colored with black matte shade. Aside from that, the finishing cover is made of Stealth Matte Finish sealed with the water-resistant component.

Availability: InStock

  • Battery Life
  • Brightness
  • Durability


Maglite ML50LX 3-Cell Flashlight is generally easy to use by simply pressing the button. Basically, the slimline style offers a good grip and convenient fit on the hand. You can basically adjust the advanced focus set-up in order to properly manage the beam light from the floodlight’s spot. With just making a ¼ turn of the head, you can actually get a very bright light with a maximum of 611 lumens.


Moreover, the beam also offers a better range of about 339 meters. Having three power levels of full, low, and eco-mode power, you can generally have various brightness settings to choose from. Because of this, the Maglite ML50LX 3-Cell Flashlight is actually the best choice for a flashlight during the night walk on the outdoor.


  • Great value for the money
  • Premium quality style
  • Convenient handle
  • It has an adjustable beam
  • With four settings


  • Lack of anti-roll setting


Streamlight 88040 ProTac Lumen Flashlight

best flashlight for night walking

If you are looking for a flashlight with a compact size that has an excellent illuminating output which most professionals in the security field recommend, then the Streamlight 88040 ProTac Lumen Flashlight is a good match. It becomes the best flashlight for night walking as it comes from aluminum material and the rubber sleeves provide a good grip. With the utilization of the C4 LED innovation, the Streamlight 88040 ProTac Lumen Flashlight can light a big area with a beam of 750-lumen lighting up about 270 meters.

Moreover, TEN-TAP® Programming is also present, allowing you to reprogram the light for just a few switches. The light output levels choices available are the low, medium, or strobe light and the high. Aside from that, you can also adjust the illumination through the close-up, long-distance, and wide beam illumination mode.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac Lumen Flashlight also includes an LED solid-state power regulator that gives maximum power for the light. Additionally, the battery life can also be extended up to a maximum of 1.25 hours of single usage. Besides, the flashlight’s entire lifetime allows you to use it for about 50,000 hours.

Another feature of the Streamlight 88040 ProTac Lumen Flashlight is the anti-roll head that generally stops the flashlight from rolling once placed on the table or the ground. A pocket clip is also included as part of the lighting device for safety purposes when you put it on the pocket. It has an overall IPX-7 rating, meaning waterproof for 1 meter within 30 minutes. The battery it uses is a two-piece 3V CR123A lithium and nylon holster.

  • Great beam on the mid-range level
  • Available on compact size
  • Comes with 3-lighting modes
  • Waterproof
  • Quite costly
  • Fast to drain batteries
  • Hard to attach rubber sleeves

Anker Rechargeable LC90 LED Flashlight

best flashlight for night walking

Another best flashlight for night walking on the list that is hard to beat is the Anker Rechargeable LC90 LED Flashlight. It generally offers a super-bright illumination that lasts for years at around the mid-range level. A premium quality Cree LED is present to light up plus the brightness beam to a maximum of 900 lumen that is highly adjustable. The metal structure has resulted in a firm, sturdy appearance.

This Anker Rechargeable LC90 LED Flashlight is rated with IP65, making it not good to go dripping on the water. However, if it is just under mild rain, it can still survive. It also has a single button switch to choose between the five lighting modes, including the high, medium, low, strobe, and emergency SOS beams.

Moreover, it has a slider for adjusting the zoom so that the illumination pattern can be changed to a maximum reach of 600 feet. The package also comes with a rechargeable battery that will last for around 6 hours on a medium power setting. Meanwhile, the battery can work for 2 hours under the brightest setting.

  • Can reach a maximum of 900 lumen
  • The beam is highly zoomable
  • Water-resistant of IP65 rating only
  • Somehow heavy with a weight of 6.2 ounces

Goal Zero Torch Night Flashlight

best flashlight for night walking

The Goal Zero Torch Night Flashlight is generally structured using a rechargeable battery made of Li-NMC. Aside from that, this best flashlight for night walking also includes a solar panel and hand crank. Moreover, the operating hours of this flashlight can reach up to 48 hours.

Generally, the Goal Zero Torch Night Flashlight can also be used by recharging through your mobile phone on a two-way USB port. Additionally, this best flashlight for night walking has different lighting options such as flashlight, floodlight, and red light. However, it only has a maximum output of 250 lumens. This can last on a lower light setting, extending the battery life to 48 hours.

  • Offers multi-lighting settings
  • Various options for charging
  • Water-resistant
  • Light output is generally lower

SureFire Dual Fuel Night Flashlight

SureFire Dual Fuel Night Flashlight comes in a compact size which is very powerful as the best flashlight for night walking. The Li-ion rechargeable batteries can generally produce a beam with 1,500 lumens that can reach about 315 meters for only 3.5 hours. It has corrosion and abrasion-resistant features, which makes this flashlight virtually indestructible.

Moreover, the tail cap switches can make the SureFire Dual Fuel Night Flashlight turn on quickly during the dark. Besides, the same control also permits the turning on of either a constant or momentary beam. Yet, it does not have any options for brightness or beam.

  • Sturdy
  • Can be used via two battery choices
  • With one brightness setting available

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Basically, 100 lumens is the average beam for an average flashlight within these days. These numbers of lumens can give 5 to 10 hours of operating hours via a two-piece AA battery. Technically speaking, these lumens can be used widely enough for urban and suburban areas.


A: In terms of the lumen, it talks about the relative amount of light given off by a single birthday candle at a one-foot distance. Ideally, a regular 60-watt bulb can produce about 750 to 850 lumens of light. A 1000 lumens bulb can able to support you on task lighting.


A: To damage your eyes, 2 minutes is sufficient to cause it. For this time, 300 lumens can give a hotspot and burn holes unobtrusively.

Final Thoughts

The best flashlight for night walking helps you enjoy your walk in the dark outdoor. Besides, there are different types of a flashlight that you can use as you step outside the dark. In addition to that, buying this product comes with some factors to consider, such as the battery, flashlight longevity, lighting power, waterproof, bulb, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, when it comes to flashlights, purchasing a premium quality product is generally the right choice of investment that could run for an extended time. Instead of buying an affordable one, it is better to put your money on flashlights that keep their durability for more years.

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