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Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Clothing — BEST OF 3!

Having the best cold weather bow hunting clothing seems to look badass. However, it’s not the visual appearance why bow hunting jackets are enticing to hunters. Still, rather it’s the comfort and performance, not to mention its added features that make it appealingly good for you. Especially if you are a hunter. Because bow hunting is more than a jacket, it’s part of the overall hunting activity and for your protection when out in the woods.

With that in mind, if you are going for a hunt, better to gear up this year. Because the great way to enjoy your hunting activity is to equip yourself with the best cold weather bow hunting clothing, this will prepare you for harsh weather conditions. We have some of the best products here that you’ll definitely like — we are sure of it!

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Surprising Benefits Of Having A Bow Hunting Clothing

Hunters without their bowhunting clothing are not considered fun because they have incomplete gear, and it ruins the overall hunting experience. Because wearing a nice bow hunting gear will not only make your performance increase but also will keep you warm, especially when it’s a cold season. But do you know what other benefits does bow hunting has? Don’t worry; we have listed some of them so that you can try one.

It makes you comfortable

Because bow hunting involves a lot of extreme outdoor activities, and mainly it’s located in the mountains, great plains, and others. You will need proper hunting to hear to make your hunting worthwhile and to make your hunting successful.

Because having complete hunting gear greatly contributes to the overall success of hunting, most hunting jackets give convenience because of the added features and the fabrics used.

Keeps you warm

Because bow hunting is considered an outdoor activity, you spend most of the time in the wilderness observing your target. Some cases will make you want to stay all night to wait for the perfect moment to hunt your target.

And when it’s night time it’s colder than daytime, especially if it’s a cold season. Having a bow hunting will have built-in insulation to keep you warm while hunting outside.

Blends with the environment

Most bow hunting clothing has a camouflage pattern that blends well with the environment. There’s also a wide array of selection of these camouflage patterns. Camouflage pattern helps you blend with the environment, which allows you to hunt easier.

Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Clothing — Buying Guide

Before you consider buying your best bow hunting clothing, you need to consider some factors first. Because this will guide you to choose the best possible hunting jacket, reading our buying will also narrow down your selection process, which makes it easier for you to choose.


No hunter likes poor quality and doesn’t last long hunting gear. As you will notice, almost all experienced hunters wore decent quality gear apparel, and they invested a lot in their bow hunting gears. Because poor-quality hunting jackets that are made from cheap materials will make your hunting experience worst. Therefore, buying a decent-quality hunting jacket is your viable option.


Another attribute you should look into is the quality of the material. Good hunting apparel is sturdy and durable. It will also allow you to give comfort when the weather condition is harsh and extreme. It also has amazing features, and the fabrics are strong enough.

Camouflage Pattern

Camouflage is so crucial in the aspect of hunting. Because wearing this will allow you to blend in with your surroundings. This means that you can become invisible and easily hunt down your prey. There are many designs of camouflage. See to it that what you are going to buy matches the environment of your hunting ground.

Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Clothing — BEST OF 3!

OUR TOP PICK: SITKA Bow Hunting Clothing

Product Description: Our best top pick for our product review is none other than the SITKA Fanatic Jacket. Sorry for being biased here, but as an experienced bow hunter, we have been using the SITKA for over the years now and it doesn't fail us. Besides it's the best pick among outdoorsmen and hunters, it's also because of the premium quality and its added features that make this the king of hunting clothing. No more chilly nights and mornings because this is well insulated. This hunting jacket is water resistant but not waterproof, so there's still a chance that you get soaked from the rain. But what can prevent this is the wind due to its built-in Windstopper technology that is able to withstand cold winds. You can perform stealth-action mode in this jacket because it eliminates any sounds coming from your movements. What's also fascinating is the innovative design. Pockets are extremely functional. The zipper works very well designed with diagonal zip. Another thing that needs to be looked upon is the safety harness port.

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  • Insualtion Effectivity
  • Design
  • Value for Money


All in all, if you are a budding bowhunter that needs a superb quality hunting jacket, then this is what we recommend for you. It has everything you need, and you will feel comfy and even boost your hunting performance. That said, we consider this as the best cold weather bow hunting clothing.


Tranquil Windproof thanks to Windstopper technology Body-mapped PrimaLoft insulation


It’s not waterproof


SITKA Fanatic Bow Hunting Clothing

best cold weather bow hunting clothing

One of the most renowned brands for outdoor apparel is the SITKA. This is proven and tested by experienced outdoors hunters, which needs no further introduction.

This includes stunning features that will make you comfortable and convenient. Every movement you make is silent because of the exterior fabric that features hydrophobic. Stealth is what you need in hunting.

The pattern and design of the camouflage are so spot-on. Wearing this will excellently blend in with the environment like you never existed in the area.

Also, it’s amazing how you can move freely because of the space allowance, which is well suited for a bow hunt.

Sitka gear also features a safety harness pass-through. This will keep your connection point well placed, and the pockets are carefully placed for a strategic purpose. What’s also fascinating is the added features like water repellent coating PrimaLoft insulation, and it allows you to move freely.

Overall, the design is superb, and the materials are made of premium quality. Aside from that, this really works well even in wintry season. The added features are incredible and give you an edge in hunting. However, the biggest drawback of this is its price. It’s not suitable for budget-friendly folks.

  • Safety harness pass-through port
  • Effective camouflage
  • Suitable for wearing over next-to-skin layers
  • Not recommended for tight budget buyers

IWOM XT Hunting System

Last but not least is the IWOM XT Hunting System. The overall experience of this is absolutely great. It’s comfortable to wear, and this is made from premium quality materials.

This gear is your ultimate shield against the cold season. Aside from that, this is very versatile to use. Also, this offers maximum convenience and protection from other elements as well.

This features three modes of wear mainly, fanny pack mode, jacket mode, and full-length mode. In addition, this is capable of trapping your scent and body heat which gives you warmth and protection from outdoor elements. Wearing this will definitely boost your hunting experience. It’s windproof and also waterproof.

All in all, if you are not tight on budget, you should give this a try. After all, this gives you maximum protection and makes you fully comfortable in a harsh environment. It’s highly versatile and able to withstand any weather condition. Definitely worth recommending due to its premium quality.

  • Highly versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Materials are premium quality
  • The price point is pretty high

Final Thoughts

There’s no like other when you are fully equipped with hunting gear. Not only will it make you comfy, but also it will likely bolster your hunting experience. If you still haven’t invested in the best cold weather boy hunting clothing, then dear reader, you better consider one.

Because this is an excellent thing to have, however, if you are still undecided, you can still browse our catalog and make it your reference.

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