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Do Puffer Jackets Keep You Warm?

Puffer jackets are known to be among the warmest clothing anyone could ever own. Best for winter and cold weather, puffer jackets are the go-to clothing for those who cannot tolerate the cold feel of the winter. These jackets are also best for going out during the cold weather.

Most of the time, winter jackets have a prolonged lifespan. Hence, maybe you could have one or two winter jackets for several years, and you are good to go. But there is something about comparing the level of the coldness of the weather then compared to how the winter breeze feels at present. Somehow, winter weathers today are harsher compared to how they were in the past.

So, what type of jacket would be best to pick during your jacket shopping schedule?

Maybe you might want to check what a puffer jacket is and if it could keep you warm.

The first to know is, what are puffer jackets? 

The most basic description of a puffer jacket is a warm jacket with synthetic fur sandwiched between the thick layers of fabric stitched together. This makeup of the jacket makes it warmer than the usual winter jacket that does not have the inclusion of synthetic fur. Depending on the jacket’s location, puffer jackets also come in different engineered designs that are expected to keep the human body warm amidst massively cold weather.

The development of puffer jackets was first and foremost produced due to the pressing need of those living in areas with an extremely low degree of temperature.

Later on, the fashion industry came into the picture, hoping to make these essential clothing more stylish and appealing, especially to high-end buyers. Whether it is for fashion or protection from freezing weather, there is a valid reason why puffer jackets are considered medically helpful.

During the winter season, people are in direct danger of experiencing Hypothermia. This is especially true for those who want or need to hike up the snow-filled mountains during this time of the year.

How serious is Hypothermia? 

Hypothermia is a medical emergency that happens when the body undergoes a fast-paced heat loss. This results in shallow and dangerous temperatures.

The average body temperature is measured at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When Hypothermia begins to affect your body, your temperature may drop to 95 Fahrenheit then slide lower quickly. Responding to Hypothermia needs to be as immediate as possible.

The need to contain the situation immediately is pivotal to ensuring that the suffering individual survives the condition accordingly. “Why,” you say? The sudden drop in the body’s temperature certainly affects the heart’s function almost immediately. Other systems and organs also start to malfunction due to the low temperature. Once Hypothermia results in respiratory failure, which later on could result in death.

There are areas where the low winter temperature requires more than just an ordinary winter jacket to keep the body warm. This is where the puffer jacket comes into the picture perfectly.

Why are Puffer Jackets better than Plain Winter Jackets? 

Believe it or not, the design and makeup of a puffer jacket have been carefully engineered by researchers and designers who come from both medical and healthcare safety backgrounds. Later on, the fashion industry came into the picture when they felt that further business could be made up from creating and producing these puffer jackets.

Besides the specific textile used to make the plain jacket, to the inclusion of the ‘puffer’ or the synthetic fur, to the additional air infused into the coat to give it that bulky feel, everything has been carefully managed to be produced and specifically meet the needs of the target market.

Considerably, these experts confer that puffer jackets have a better capacity of providing the warmth needed by the body, especially in shallow temperatures.

Also known as the padded-down jackets, developers of winter jackets saw the possibility of creating something more out of the plain version of this clothing. The quilted jackets matched the standard textile used for winter jackets and sleeping bags. The furs were added to increase the insulation that puffer jackets could provide users supposedly. In a way,

Observed under quality check protocols, the puffer jacket does provide thermos-like insulation to the human body.

Later, as the fashion industry realized the real value that puffer jackets serve, they came up with different designs to make this supposed bulky-furry jacket a better appeal and feel for the public. Who says staying warm cannot be fashionable?

Distinct fashion brands have made their versions of puffer jackets that fit both men and women, characterized by their quality and appeal.

So, the answer to the question Do Puffer Jackets Keeps You Warm is “yes.” And a bonus point would be it could also make you look fashionable even in the middle of the coldest temperature you would have to endure during the winter season.

What to Look For in a Puffer Jacket? 

The capacity of a puffer jacket to keep you warm will largely depend on its makeup and the materials used to create it. Considering all these and other factors relating to the quality of the puffer jackets lined up for you to choose from would allow you to pick the one that fits your taste, your need, and your budget.

FIRST: Check the filling of the Puffer Jacket 

Two types of fillings are used in creating puffer jackets.

The first filling is made up of polyester. This is the most common type of filling because it is easier to find sources for this material.

However, if you want to have that soft feel and a more natural feel of warmth, you might want to consider buying one with the down filling. Down filling is made up of fine feathers that are soft to feel and can generate heat faster. The feathers act like thermal filling and provide insulation that makes it easier for the jacket to keep the warmth in and the coolness of the external breeze out.

SECOND: How much is your budget for a Puffer Jacket? 

Puffer jackets are often much less popular than plain winter jackets because of their regular price.

Compared to puffer jackets, plain winter jackets are much less pricey.

If you go and look for Puffer Jackets in local winter clothing shops, you may be able to find ones that have polyester filling. While they may look close to puffer jackets with fathers, they feel very different, especially when measuring softness.

If you want to find puffer jackets that use down filling, as mentioned earlier, you need to prepare at least over 600 to a thousand dollars and head out to specialized shops that offer genuine puffer jackets. Do not worry about the money you will use to purchase this item. One puffer jacket is a worthy investment that will help you get even though the year’s coldest months.

THIRD: Examine the Stitching 

Believe it or not, the sticking of the puffer jacket matters, especially in making sure that the jacket will give you the warmth you need and that it will last as long as you expect it to. According to studies and observations, a diamond or geometric stitching would work better than other patterns because they are more robust, especially in keeping the fillings in place.

Check the placing of the stitching closely as you inspect the puffer jacket that you want to purchase. There are instances when stitches of the jacket’s quilt pattern are too loose to compromise the puffer jacket’s quality and lifespan.

FOURTH: What about Pockets? 

Depending on where you will use your puffer jacket, you ought to pick the right one that would give you an option to be functional even when you are outdoors amidst the cold weather. Some puffer jackets have specific pockets that will allow you to keep practical tools in your pocket as you go into the outdoors.

Key Takeaways 

It is evident that when it comes to buying your puffer jacket, the primary goal is to find something that will keep you warm through the cold weather.

The capacity of a puffer jacket to save you from Hypothermia will surely be a great deal of protection that would do a lot for you.

Following the guideline on examination and evaluation of the puffer jacket you are about to purchase, as noted in this post, will surely give you a better chance of getting the puffer jacket that will surely fit your expectations and your budget.

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