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3 of the Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather

Hunting in cold weather necessitates you to prepare for the appropriate hunting gear. Doing this may free you from being ill-prepared for the cold weather. Moreover, investing in the appropriate winter hunting gear like the best hunting pants for cold weather can guarantee you a safe and rewarding outdoor experience in the cold. Due to that, we reviewed here three of the best hunting pants that you could use during the winter season.

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As we go along, we will share the other winter gear essentials, in addition to the hunting pants, that could keep you warm during cold weather hunting. Aside from that, we also have here some important things that you must consider before buying your pair of hunting pants. So, before going out in the snowy outdoor, come and check these out below!

Winter Gear Essentials during Cold Weather Hunting

Camping in the winter season is always exciting and breathtaking. The green sceneries turn into white snowy trails and frozen lakes. Yet, the most challenging part is wearing inappropriate gear during this type of camping activity. Here are the essential must-have winter gears during the cold weather hunting activity.

Boot dryer

Basically, this is a technologically inclined gadget that lets you dry your boots easily the moment they get wet. It generally utilizes either hot or cold air to dry your boots. Using this boot dryer will not damage the boots and, at the same time, prevent the occurrence of foot fungus. Moreover, this boot dryer is also useful in drying hats and gloves.

Portable heater

Generally, most outdoor activities and camping trips make the use of portable heaters highly essential. This is most applicable during cold weather outdoor activities. Its main goal is to keep you warm during the cold outdoor season. You can basically hang it inside your tent or hang it within the branch of a tree. So, don’t forget to pack this up.

Day pack

The day packs are basically used to store extras during winter hunting. Its design usually comes in camouflage patterns, and some models have designated meat storage. Moreover, using this hunting essential needs the consideration of its capacity. The standard measurement of the day pack is in terms of cubic inches, which can hold a maximum of 2,000 cubic inches.

Moreover, the bigger packs can accommodate 5,000 cubic inches. Bear in mind that the higher the amount to get in the pack, it needs more weight to accommodate it. A piece of friendly advice here is to look for a day pack that has an expandable feature for you to manage the weight that you will be carrying.          

Gloves and face mask

Ideally, the gloves and face mask can help in keeping you warm during your winter hunting. Just ensure that the gloves you will be bringing have enough grip. Moreover, the ideal gloves when it comes to any hunting are the ones that are warm, breathable, and waterproof. Additionally, opt for gloves that have grips with texture within the last three fingers.

Aside from the gloves, you must also include hand warmers. You can choose between single-use and multiple-use hand warmers. Basically, the single-use hand warmers work by placing them inside the gloves and generating heat through a chemical reaction. Meanwhile, the multiple-use hand warmers make the hands comfortable through compact size rechargeable warmers.

On the other hand, the face mask offers adjustable protection if needed. No matter what type of activity you are doing outdoor, a face mask made of fleece can basically warm you up. Moreover, you can wear the face mask under the hats for added protection from outer elements targeting the neck, chin, and cheeks.

However, if you do not want to wear face masks, a beanie would be an alternative. Yet, the face and the neck would not be covered for its warmness. A good thing, beanies made out of wool give the required warmth for the head and ears.

Insulated boots

Generally, buying the appropriate boot for cold weather hunting is essential to prevent injuries. You do not need to think about ways to warm up your feet when using this boot during winter hunting. But, you must also check if it can offer ample support for the winter hunting activity.

Neoprene rubber boots are highly ideal for winter hunting. The design of these boots can reach the halfway gearing the calf, thus preventing snow and water from getting in. Moreover, duck hunters and anglers generally benefit from these boots in terms of protection. Meanwhile, the best choice for hunting with little to no snow would be a sport utility boot. This gives good traction, comfort, and mobility.

Socks and toe warmers

These two winter hunting essentials are good ways to warm up the legs and feet. It is actually better to go for a pair of wool-blend socks rather than pure 100% wool when the thickness is your main concern. If the wool socks don’t do their job of warming your toes, then try to use toe warmers to protect your feet from the cold temperature.

Hunting jacket

Basically, the hunting jacket made of softshell has lightweight and wind-resistant features. It is highly ideal for use within brush-filled terrain. Generally, the design of this hunting jacket entails two layers. The first layer is the warm inner fleece lining, while the second layer is the outer side from waterproof and windproof shell materials.

Thermal base layers

Basically, when the temperature is low, you need more layers to achieve maximum warmth. The base layer usually comes from warming materials such as fleece and wool that are comfortable to wear. Keep in mind to avoid wearing cotton during winter hunting as the material retains water.

Hunting pants

Generally, the best choice for cold weather hunting is a couple of hunting pants with fleece lining, wader, or softshell materials. Winter hunting requires you to ensure that the right gear properly protects the legs. Basically, most wader hunting pants available in the market feature stretchy functions within the knee and bottom part. Moreover, the hunting pants also help protect you from the wind and keep you warm.

best hunting pants for cold weather
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What to look for when buying the best hunting pants for cold weather?

Actually, like any other product, you need to research the hunting pants that you will have to buy. This will generally help you not to come up with the wrong decision. Due to this, below are some of the important things you must consider before purchasing the best hunting pants for cold weather.

1. Size

Basically, buying wearing gear or any clothing, the body size is the primary requirement. Most hunting pants available in the market usually do not have a size chart. That’s why you must pay attention to this factor no matter what the design of the pants is.

2. Weight

Weight is also an important factor to consider as it will affect your performance during your hunting activity. Considering this factor, you must know its weight before and after water immersion. Moreover, it is a good decision if you decide to buy a lightweight one so that you can perform excellently in your hunting activity.

3. Waist

In choosing any pants, the waist should never be neglected as you will notice, hunting pants available in the market offer various options to choose from. Some have elastic waist; others come with a belt loop, while some have both of these two features.

4. Insulation capability

Basically, the main goal of having the best hunting pants for cold weather is to keep you warm. That’s why you need to look after hunting pants with insulation features. This factor will generally help you prevent the cold air while keeping you warm inside.  

5. Waterproof

If your hunting activity involves going through bodies of water, this factor must be included in your list when you want to buy the best hunting pants for cold weather. Hunting pants that have the ability to repel and resist water is generally the best choice for this.

6. Comfortable

Wearing comfortable hunting pants will generally identify your performance during your hunting activity. So, it is better to look for this factor as well.

Top 3 Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather

OUR TOP PICK: SITKA Gear Hunting Pants

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Product Description: SITKA Gear Hunting Pants sits on top of the list being the best hunting pants for cold weather and also considered as a premium quality hunting pants. Made from innovative fabric technology, the smart design of the SITKA Gear Hunting Pants offer a great hunting experience. Regardless of the type of hunting activity, this one of the best hunting pants for cold weather generally gives an outstanding performance. Moreover, it has a design that guarantees long-lasting wear and meets every hunting need. The DWR finish of the SITKA Gear Hunting Pants is water-resistant and, at the same time, prevents the wear and tear. In order to achieve breathability, SITKA Gear Hunting Pants has pockets made of high-quality mesh system.

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  • Durability
  • Security
  • Breathability
  • Quality


If you are looking for the perfect hunting pants suitable for the winter season, then the SITKA Gear Hunting Pants is the one for you. With its sleek and smart design, hunters can achieve their hunting needs. It is generally water-resistant and scratch-resistant, featuring breathability and comfort while wearing.


  • Extra pockets are present for storage
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for hunting through all-season


  • Do not have enough insulation


Kryptek Stalker Pants

best hunting pants for cold weather

Kryptek Stalker Pants is one of the best hunting pants for cold weather. Once you get the Kryptek Stalker Pants, you do not need to worry about the pressure thrown by the hunting activities. Aside from that, this one of the best hunting pants for cold weather is also an excellently performing hunting essential gear.

Moreover, Kryptek Stalker Pants are also good for battlefield hunting and background hunting. Compared to other hunting pants, this is preferred due to its invisible action. Because of this, this one of the best hunting pants for cold weather is also the stealthiest among the rest.

It has a nearly invisible feature due to its 3D look over a 2D surface with both macro and micro layering. Additionally, Kryptek Stalker Pants includes a pocket located in an easily accessible place. The design is highly functional, making it durable and lightweight at the same time.

Furthermore, to make it fit for all, this one of the best hunting pants for cold weather comes with extra tough stitching. Aside from that, it can basically withstand the pressure of all thrown into it due to its strength. Another good feature is that it has a sun-protecting property which lengthens the pants lifespan.  

To improve the drying time during its washing, Kryptek Stalker Pants uses innovative fabric technology. Along with this, the pants’ durability has also been enhanced. The design would never be complete without incorporating the heavy-duty reinforced knees and the Valhalla leg pocket on the right side.

  • Generally fits all
  • Comfortable
  • Can be washed by hands or through a machine
  • Excellent design and style
  • Not waterproof
  • The insulating layer is not present

Mossy Oak Tibbee Camouflage Hunting Pants

best hunting pants for cold weather

If you feel about turkey hunting, wear these Mossy Oak Tibbee Camouflage Hunting Pants, and everything will work perfectly. Yet, this one of the best hunting pants for cold weather is not suitable for turkey hunting. It is also highly applicable for all types of hunting as it complies with the requirement of each hunting need.

The obsession pattern of the Mossy Oak Tibbee Camouflage Hunting Pants complements well with the grass color making you hide easily from your target. It has lightweight polyester materials that make the pants highly breathable and an excellent choice for cold weather hunting. Generally, it is far better to use these Mossy Oak Tibbee Camouflage Hunting Pants to the hunting site as they can keep you warm rather than casual jeans.

This one of the best hunting pants for cold weather also comes with excellent durability and the plastic elastic waist. These two features provide additional support for comfort improvement. The other features also include the waist straps with adjustable tape, button closure, belt loops, and gusseted crotch for a great fit.

Moreover, the design of this Mossy Oak Tibbee Camouflage Hunting Pants includes six pockets located in different parts of the pants to hold any gear easily. For pants’ breathability, it comes with outer leg vents with zippers and mesh linings. Another goal of this hunting pant is to prevent the moisture from getting in and let the inner part dry to keep you warm.

  • Highly suitable for both cold and warm weather hunting
  • With enough number of pockets to perfectly store various hunting gears
  • Amazing design and pattern
  • Uses a vent system for keeping the body warm
  • Not waterproof
  • The design is only applicable to men

Final Thoughts

The best hunting pants for cold weather generally keep you warm and protect your legs from the external elements of the outdoors. Moreover, various materials make up the hunting pants which may determine the ideal for winter hunting. Additionally, buying this product comes with some things to consider, such as the body size, weight of the pants, waist, insulation capability, waterproof, comfort, and other features that come with it.

In addition to that, purchasing a high-quality one is actually a good option of investment that could last for more years in terms of hunting pants. So, rather than buying a budget-friendly one, it is basically ideal to invest your money on hunting pants that maintain their durability over the long run.

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