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The Best Compass for Land Navigation

The skill to navigate with a map and compass is important since it can save your life. A compass and map can also do tons of helpful tasks, such as indicating where you are, your surroundings, and the best direction to take where you want to go. Compass and map are crucial, and GPS is only optional survival gear. In situations in the wilderness, you can never trust a battery to be your savior. Although GPS and cell phone apps are fantastic, they can’t be relied on when you are far away from a grid or signal. The best compass for land navigation points you in the proper direction; they also have added features. Overall, a feature-rich compass will be more expensive, but the build, preciseness, and toughness will also influence the price.

ProductBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Suunto M-9 w/Velcro Strap Compass Check Price
Silva Lensatic 360 Check Price
SUUNTO M-3 D/L Pro Compass Check Price

These are the four main features to look for at the best compass for land navigation

Declination adjustment

A compass that hikers and mountaineers use should have this feature.

Sighting mirror

You may want to use a model with declination adjustment and sighting mirror features. If you plan to travel off the trail or want more specific navigation, it is helpful.


This is an important feature for mountaineers and those who are backcountry skiing. A compass with a clinometer can help you gauge avalanche risk. Scientists on the field and rescue workers also find this feature vital.

Global needle

If you travel the world or you’re simply going on a short trip on the south side of the equator, get a compass that has a global needle.

Compass Features– the best compass for land navigation

Basic Compass Features

Magnetized needle

This is the red end of a pivoting compass needle. It directs you to the magnetic pole. Most needles will float in a fluid that helps keep their movement steady. The fluid won’t freeze, but it sometimes will have bubbles that really don’t impact the needle’s movement.

Rotating bezel (or azimuth ring)

This is utilized to take bearing in the field. The ring has marked with degrees ranging from 0° to 360° encircling the needle capsule’s outer edge. The tinier the degree intervals, the more effortless it is to navigate precisely.


This flat transparent base has a wide range of navigational marks. It includes a ruler to measure the distances on the map.

Orienting arrows and lines

These are the markings within the needle housing and on baseplate ends; it is used for various fundamental navigational tasks.

Extra Features

Magnifying lens

A minority of Compasses will have one magnifying glass set into the baseplate. When reading map details, it is handy.

Luminescent indicators

If you are traveling before sunrise or finding your way back after the sun has set, you will be glad to have a compass that has this feature.

Beware of accessory and digital compasses

These are compass look-alikes sold as keyrings, watchbands or zipper pulls. These are fine items but are not authentic navigational tools. Even compasses in smartwatches are not a substitute for the basic needle style baseplate compass.

Advanced Compass Features– the best compass for land navigation

Declination adjustment

The term declination here is the difference between true North and magnetic North degrees. Since declination will vary depending on where you are located, adjustable declination is crucial. You can set it and leave it with adjustable declination until you travel to a new area.

Sighting mirror

This helps you see more precisely when following a specific bearing on a distant landmark. It can also double as an emergency signal.


It shows you the vertical angle or steepness of the slope. It helps predict avalanche risks as well as the heights of objects.

Global needle

This feature compensates for magnetic field variances and gives the compass the ability to work smoothly and accurately worldwide. A compass will be either North or South America specific.

Compass Use and Storage Tips– the best compass for land navigation

It is important to know how to use your compass. A great way to do this is to sign up with your local outdoor organization. Before buying a compass for your class, ask your mentor first what they require.

Compass reading can be distorted by ferrous metal. When using a compass, be away from cars’ metallic objects such as a metal picnic table or post. Lava field iron levels can even affect. Electrical fields in a running car engine can also affect the accuracy of the compass reading.

Never store compasses close to a magnetic or electric field. As time passes, exposure to these elements can demagnetize the compass’s needle. Never place your compass inside your pocket along with your cell phone. Even the presence of a magnetic clasp used on the valve of some hydration reservoirs can cause problems.

Get to Know the Parts of a Compass– the best compass for land navigation

The following explores the features of a compass that can give you basic navigation:


You can see the map below it, and it has one straight edge for accommodating the rings and transmitting them to your map.


This is used in conjunction with your map scale to show the distances.

Direction-of-travel arrow

It gives you an indication of which direction to point your compass when you’re taking or following a bearing.

Rotating bezel

This is otherwise dubbed as the azimuth ring, and the outer circle of this part will have 360° markings.

Index line

This location is directly above the bezel and is also dubbed as the read bearing.

Magnetized needle

The needle will always point to the magnetic pole, and the colors come as red or white.

Orienting arrow

This part is used early in the bezel, and it has an outline shaped to fit the magnetized end of the needle exactly.

Orienting lines

These are parallel lines that rotate with the bezel. When you correctly align these lines to the north-south line on the map, it aligns your orienting arrow with the North.

Orient Your Map– the best compass for land navigation

Map reading

Map reading involves correlating what you see on paper to what you see in your actual surroundings. It is a basic skill that should be practiced early on, and often before you can do this, though, you have to have your map oriented the right way.

How to orient your map and compass– the best compass for land navigation

Once you’ve set the declination orienting, the map is rather simple:

Put your compass on the map with the travel arrow’s direction pointed towards the top part of the map.

The North is lined up in the direction of the travel arrow.

Slide the baseplate until the straight edge aligns with either the left or the right edge of the map. The direction of the travel arrow should still be directed towards the top area of the map.

Then, as you hold both the map and compass steadily, retain in a circle until the magnetic needle’s end is within the orienting arrow’s outline.

Finally, you have the map oriented correctly and can identify landmarks nearby. Take time to be familiar with your map and surrounding area before traveling. Read your map closely every step of the way. In this way, it is easier for you to be found if you lose your way.

Top 3 the best compass for land navigation



Product Name: Suunto M-9 w/Velcro Strap Compass

Product Description: It can be said that this is not a substitute for an authentic pathfinding device. This best compass for land navigation should be used as a supplement to your other gear for quick and speedy directional readings. Built into its ratchets sets your direction, so it is always ready when you look. Although this best compass for land navigation is rather small, it does utilize a bezel that can be turned easily even if you are sporting a pair of thick winter gloves. Utilizing a two-zone system, this best compass for land navigation will give you reliable readings in the North but will not be very useful when you use it down under. This best compass for land navigation is extremely water-resistant, so there is no need to secure it when the rain starts pouring or when you hop on a boat on a rough river.

Availability: InStock

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Overall, this best compass for land navigation has no drawbacks in terms of design. Although some people criticize that the strap is too long, it may be a case to case basis. When you look at the manufacturer’s site and see the compass’s images, it should be worn over thick winter clothing since it is intended to be used at temperatures as low as -30° Celsius. If you want to use this in warmer weather, you can have a comfortable and secure fit simply by adjusting the straps.


  • Handy and reliable wrist compass for navigating
  • Two-zone system for reliable readings
  • The serrated bezel ring turns easily


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Silva Lensatic 360

If you are looking for a military-style Lensatic Compass, this best compass for land navigation won’t cost you much. 

The Silva best compass for land navigation is a marvelous and affordable choice. This is the ideal lensatic new kid on the block with all the bells and whistles that pros and experts appreciate. This best compass for land navigation is wrapped in an aluminum casing coated with black powder. It resists oxidation even when in contact with seawater. It has luminous points on the rotating bezel for easy direction and tracking even when the sun has gone. This best compass for land navigation can be broken into 2° increments with a magnifying lens for precise readings. With this best compass for land navigation, it is possible to travel a trail both near and far by continually adjusting it for true precision.

The military traditionally uses this best compass for land navigation because of its extremely accurate bearings in inland navigation. The Silva best compass for land navigation 360° compass comes in a classic design that can withstand the tough hiking and mountaineering environments. It comes protected in a black powder-coated aluminum housing. This best compass for land navigation features a 2° increments sighting slit unit, top cover, and a quality lens to magnify the reading. The luminous points on the rotating bezel can help you read under low light conditions.

  • Compass with black powder-coated aluminum case
  • Magnifies dial reading
  • Luminous points on rotating bezel
  • No negative reviews so far

SUUNTO M-3 D/L Pro Compass

While some best compass for land navigation will generate shake when pointing in a direction, this Suunto model’s large liquid reserves move and settle seamlessly and never trembles. This best compass for land navigation also allows you to stop much faster than air compasses. 

It boasts exceptionally accurate designations combined with adjustable declination, which can cope with both true and magnetic North for quick alterations. Even in cold weather conditions, this best compass for land navigation has a bezel that moves smoothly to make quick action adjustments. It comes with a transparent base plate, which allows you to orient it on your map and the useful lanyard means you can secure it, and it will never be far from your reach.

This best compass for land navigation is durable, reliable, and of high quality. It is a navigational gadget that performs seamlessly in even the toughest conditions. This best compass for land navigation features a large liquid-filled capsule with an adjustable declination correction scale. Another excellent feature is the serrated bezel, which is easy to turn even when conditions are cold, and wearing thick gloves.

  • Durable, reliable, high-quality navigational aids
  • Performs flawlessly in even the toughest conditions
  • Features a large liquid-filled capsule
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

If you enjoy having adventures in the wilderness and other tough environments, it is crucial to have survival gear with you. One of the most important devices you can bring is the best compass for land navigation. This can be the device that will save your life. Thus, it is crucial to invest in a top-quality compass that is authentic and not a mere imitation. In the middle of nowhere, you can rely on it to show you the precise direction. 

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