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Best All-Around Rock Climbing Shoes – Our Top 4 Review

Rock climbing is a dangerous and challenging sport. Moving up on rocks requires you to equip yourself with the appropriate gear to ensure safety. Along with this gear is the best all-around rock climbing shoes that may generally give you comfort while climbing up.

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We have here three of the best climbing shoes in town today. Consider checking each one if you plan to buy this gear for yourself. So, check them out below!   

How to find the appropriate size of the best all-around rock climbing shoes?

The size of the shoes is essential regardless of their type. Besides, every individual from different countries has distinct foot features that make it unique. Below are the various factors on identifying the correct size of the best all-around rock climbing shoes:

Shoe brand and model

Most brand of shoe has a corresponding size chart for their footwear products. They make a difference when it comes to the standard street shoe sizes. Eventually, it becomes more difficult because the street shoe sizes also vary from every manufacturer.

There are shoe products in the market that bear the same size, but when placed on each other’s side, you will notice a slight difference making one bigger or smaller. Some shoe brands have sizes two sizes smaller compared to street shoes; meanwhile, other brands are one size smaller.

Perhaps, finding out the correct size for the best all-around rock climbing shoes also requires the consideration of the specific model of shoe. This is because the fit may have an impact on your preferred size. Moreover, bear in mind that a shoe with muscular tension over the heel must be worn in size smaller than a straight slipper.  

Climbing discipline

The intention or purpose of using the shoes also has an essential role in the model that you prefer, similar to its size. However, whatever the demands that the shoes make, the extent that you want may generally affect it a lot. If you climb over vertical or overhanging walls with small footholds most of the time, you must have an energy distribution from the shoe tip to the big toe.

Because of that, you need to have the best all-around rock climbing shoes with sturdy tension heels. Generally, the size of these shoes is small enough for the toes to get curled within the toe box. This usually permits maximum power concentration as the toes land right in front.

Moreover, if you want to climb within overhangs, it is better to use shoes with more heel hooks. Remember that the shoes have to fit snugly on the heel not to slip once the whole body weight is within the heel hook. During this kind of situation, you generally need to use very close-fitting shoes with a high heel tension angle.

Meanwhile, the supple shoes must have board and friction fans that let you take much of the sole within the forefoot portion that is in touch with the rock. The type of shoes needed is the curled-up toes shoes which may considerably offer convenience. Moreover, a wider cut that lets you bend the toes also provides a better feel of friction and more comfort of wearing.

Climbing level

Another factor that may affect the correct size of the best all-around rock climbing shoes is the level of difficulty of the climb and the climber’s ability. This offers a significant impact, the same with the size of the grips and toeholds. Usually, when it comes to the climbing level, most beginners use large treads.

Meanwhile, the advanced climbers are already satisfied with the inclined or overhang walls on the smallest toeholds. Meaning the best all-around rock climbing shoes usually come in smaller sizes than the novice ones. Professional climbers preferably like to have shoes that make one and a half sizes smaller than the beginners’ shoes.     

The best all-around rock climbing shoes appropriate fit

Despite being necessary, the size of the climbing shoes does not only dictate the fit of the best all-around rock climbing shoes. The shoes from a specific manufacturer will fit snugly on you most of the time. In comparison, some from a different manufacturer will not do so even if both shoes have the exact correct size.

The fit within the foot shape

It is essential to learn the three general foot shapes to find the correct fit of the climbing shoes for the foot shape. These are the following:

  • EGYPTIAN FOOT – the big toe is longer compared to the second toe
  • GREEK FOOT – the big toe is shorter compared to the second toe
  • ROMAN FOOT – the big toe and the second toe has the same length

Generally, in terms of climbing shoes, it is crucial to understand if the appropriate fit of the toe box fits well. That’s why it is good to determine the shoes based on their fit within the foot shape.

However, there is also a health-related concern that we have to consider here. The Hallux Valgus may have a significant impact on choosing the best all-around rock climbing shoes for you. It is not true that if you are suffering from this kind of foot problem, wide and flat type shoes are the perfect fit. Having trouble with Hallux Vagus might let you opt for climbing shoes with slightly curled toes that are also a little bit curled inward.

The fit on the heel

Generally, identifying the heel’s appropriate shape is relatively more straightforward than the fit on the foot shape. In this matter, you have the option to choose from heels that are either narrower or wider. Moreover, bear in mind that having a narrow heel that uses pre-tensioned shoes may usually fit tight within the heel.

Additionally, the best all-around rock climbing shoes that have aggressive pretension and firm downturn must be worn in a very tight manner. Besides, it also offers a small room for movement than the wider shoes. Lucky for the novice climbers as they may have a broader option of potential climbing shoe models rather than the pros.  

What to Look for When Buying Climbing Shoes?

best all-around rock climbing shoes

Here are the things that you must have to consider when you opt to buy the best all-around rock climbing shoes:

1. Types

Generally, there are lots of options for the types of climbing shoes based on the situation you are into. That’s why it is crucial to consider this one before buying.


The following features must be present in the shoes after the best sport climbing shoes. It must have a stiff midsole, premium edging platform, sturdy heel cup, and lace closure. Generally, if you want to take a scale vertical climbs easily, choose a stiff shoe with a moderate downturn.


The flat non-aggressive type or the all-around rock climbing shoes fall as the best performers. Ideally, it would help if you had a comfortable fit, lace, and a sturdy midsole, as it offers solid protection within the ankle at the same time. It comes with at least minimal to no toe or heel rubber. Yet, try to look for the ones with more downturns if you want to go on more challenging routes.  


If extreme comfort is what you are looking for in climbing shoes, this type is not suitable for you. However, its primary goal is to assist you in climbing up steep terrain and ensure that you keep with the minor cuts and hooks within the heel and toe. Aside from that, the closure of this shoe is of a hybrid type, and the downturn is somehow on the aggressive level. This shoe’s sensitivity is very high to let you feel the rocks.

2. Downturn

The downturn is one of the most crucial things to consider before your buying decision. It generally identifies the curve amount within the shoe sole, and it has three main categories, namely the aggressive, moderate, and flat. The flats are highly on moving up vertical to less vertical terrain. Meanwhile, the curve within the bold shoes prevents you from resting the feet in the natural position, but it comes with the benefit of pulling within the trim edges.

3. Closure

Some climbers may generally categorize closures as deal-breakers. However, others may think of its most comfortable aspect. There are three main types of closures, but with the newer models today, a combination of the different kinds comes out to provide comfort and security.


This one is highly preferable among the three types of closures due to its ease of taking on and off. This closure is standard within the sport and indoor climbing and even on bouldering. Yet, its drawbacks include failure or breaking apart while on the climbing session and may be a cause of distraction during toe hooking.


The lace closure is applicable for involving repetitive jamming. This type is perfect for those who put on the shoes and keep in within the feet for a particular time. It generally has a good fit for every individual’s foot.


This offers the most comfort and convenience for your feet. It is usually stretched out for overtime use, and there is no good solution to fix it. Yet, it is generally suitable for cracks and friction slabs.

4. Uppers

The uppers generally come from leather or synthetic materials, and they are usually located either on the sides or top of the feet. Uppers from synthetic substitute typically can keep the original dimensions of the shoes even after it is broken. Meanwhile, the leathers will stretch out after a long period and will adjust within your feet, and may lead to more comfort.

5. Stiffness

This feature significantly impacts the climbing shoes, but it may vary based on your choice. Stiffer shoes provide good support on foot, making them a perfect choice for novice climbers. On the other hand, a softer shoe is excellent for individuals with stronger feet as it is sensitive and flexible.

List of the Best All-Around Rock Climbing Shoes

OUR TOP PICK: SCARPA Instinct Climbing Shoes

Product Name: SCARPA Instinct Climbing Shoes

Product Description: The SCARPA Instinct Climbing Shoes is the best all-around rock climbing shoes to lookup within the wall or over the rocky horizons as most sport climbers and boulderers are fans of it. With great technicality and aggressiveness, this rock climbing shoes gives off an extreme precision within thin corners. For this, give credits to its Vibram XS Edge sole feature that allows the firmness to meet the superior grip. Using this rock climbing shoe, you will definitely move on top with enhanced confidence.

Availability: InStock

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  • Toe box
  • Width
  • Arch support


Generally, the SCARPA Instinct Climbing Shoes have added protection and durability during toe-hooking due to its synthetic parts on the rubber section. Its velcro closure securely put the heel nicely in position. And, through its large loops around the shoe tongue and heel, this rock climbing shoes fit snugly which makes it perfect to use on and off.


  • Great edging ability
  • Extreme grip
  • Keep the shape and fit


  • Not easy to get on and off the feet
  • Smaller fit


Evolv Rock Climbing Shoes

best all-around rock climbing shoes

The potential for the Evolv Rock Climbing Shoes to be the best all-around rock climbing shoes is exceptionally high. It generally involves technological advancement with superb style to enhance the user’s performance. However, you must ensure that you take the correct sizing so that this shoe won’t disappoint you.

Among the great features of the Evolv Rock Climbing Shoes are the love bump edges under the toes and the slanted toe box. These two features will generally enhance the innovative and sensitive footwork over the rock. With this, Evolv Rock Climbing Shoes are worth buying.

  • Can perform great over limestone
  • With love bump below the toe joints
  • Keep its shape over time
  • May be disappointing once the wrong sizing is committed

Five Ten Quantum Rock Climbing Shoes

best all-around rock climbing shoes

Five Ten Quantum Rock Climbing Shoes will generally offer comfort throughout the day without giving off the performance level. It has wide-fit and extreme edging performance due to its stiff midsole. Aside from that, it smears perfectly and has a soft texture to work on the more sensitive crack climbing activity.

However, it has some drawbacks to consider. Most climbers find these best all-around rock climbing shoes as somehow pricey. For some, it may offer less in terms of performance compared to its price. Yet, if you are more after great comfort during rock climbing, well, this Five Ten Quantum Rock Climbing Shoes is a good choice.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Stiff midsole
  • Made with C4 Stealth rubber material
  • Quite expensive

The Ocun Jett Lu Rock Climbing Shoes is the first model in the Ocun range and was designed for Rock Climbing. Dependable climbing shoes for long and edgy routes. The Jett Lu is an all-around shoe with an exceptionally smooth and sensitive performance. Its asymmetrical shape allows for a wider toe area and offers the perfect fit for high precision footwork. It is characterized by a slightly higher volume and a low heel.

The leather upper is stitched to the rubber sole using a unique technique to reduce abrasions and improve the overall durability. The low-density mid-sole gives the Jett Lu a soft and sensitive feel that adapts perfectly to the foot’s shape. The square profile and the slightly asymmetrical toe shape create a high precision shoe with a stable heel.

  • Best for Long Edgy Roads
  • Comfort Fit
  • All around sport
  • New into group
  • Little Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, the answer is yes! You do need a particular shoe that you may use for rock climbing. Compared to other types of shoes, they won’t slide on and offer stability on the edging. This factor primarily doesn’t need to rely mainly on the foot’s rigidity.


A: Most climbers do not prefer to wear socks or rock climbing shoes when they tend to boulder within indoor climbing. This is due to a tighter and better fit that involves less spillage of the foot. Yet, like any other activity, this may lead to smelly shoes and sweaty feet.


A: Buying a new pair of rock climbing shoes may generally be tight initially. This will eventually stretch out after some time of climbing activities. Yet, bear in mind that the shoes should never cause any pain on the feet. This applies true once you have already broken them for weeks.


A: A simple hack that can give more comfort over climbing shoes. Initially, get two pieces of zip-lock bags. Pour water on it until it comes to the size of your foot. Place the water-filled zip-lock bags inside the climbing shoes and loosely lace them within the bags. Eventually, put the shoes inside the freezer and leave them there overnight—Thaw your climbing shoes afterward.


A: Unfortunately, not all models and types of rock climbing shoes can be stretched out. Remember that the heel rand, rubber rand, and toe cap will stretch temporarily. Yet, they will eventually get back into shape. The uppers are the ones that get stretched out, and it could only be possible if the material is made of leather.  

Final Thought

The best all-around rock climbing shoes generally support the feet during a steep and challenging climb. However, the correct sizing and fit of the shoe may significantly influence the performance. Additionally, buying this product comes with some factors to consider, such as the type of climbing shoes, downturn, velcro, uppers, stiffness, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, when it comes to rock climbing shoes, buying a high-quality one has been a good investment choice for a long time. So, rather than buying a cheap one, it is good to invest your money in climbing shoes that keep their durability in the long run.

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