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Pop Up Tent On Top Of Car — 4 PICKS FOR YOU!

Summer is just around the corner, and camping activities are a great way to spend your summer season. But do you have any decent tent or a pop-up tent on top of the car? When it comes to camping tools and equipment, it’s amazing how it catches up with its remarkable technological feat. What used to be a fad to well-off outdoors people turns out to be more accessible to all campers, and almost all of it is widely available on the market now.

Since the access to a wider audience, different brands are innovating and offering different features they add. That said, this is an amazing opportunity to invest in some of the best pop-up tents on top of cars. That’s why we listed some of those tents that we think it’s the best right now. So scroll down a bit further and see something you like!

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What Is A Roof Tent?

As the name implies, a roof tent is a tent that is placed on the roof of a car as a temporary dwelling place. Outdoors people find it more comfortable and convenient because it’s relatively safe than the regular tent on the ground setup. Roof tents have been used as early as the 1930s and appeared early in Western Europe.

Usually, roof tents are seen in four-wheel-drive vehicles like Land Rovers because they are perfectly fit due to their roof size and storage capacity, although it fits almost any motor vehicle.

When it comes to designs and styles, they are primarily derived from the traditional ridge pole tent that can be folded into a compact size. But this roof tent is mounted on the roof of the vehicle. It’s amazing how the roof tents have evolved drastically from prototype equipment of campers to newly reinforced materials added with features depending on the manufacturer.

Roof Tent Buying Guide: What’s The Perfect Pop Up Tent On Top Of Car For Me?

Before you splurge into getting your camping gear and roof tent, you need to carefully see to it that what you are going to buy has the quality that can last longer and will make your camping experience worthwhile, so if you don’t know what to look for in your ideal roof tent, no worries. We have listed some of the important qualities you need to look for in buying the best tent.

Construction Quality

Never. Ever. Skimp the quality of your tent. We know why — because, for you, even a cheap, poor-quality tent is better than nothing. But keep in mind you are still on the losing side. Even if you have a roof tent with poor quality and without any proper insulation or other added features, your camping experience will worsen.

That’s why it’s important to save your money if you still lack the budget to buy decent quality because your saving will be worthwhile if you buy a nice and decent tent that can withstand any weather and is built with sturdy materials.


Consider the weight also. Because every weight counts when packing for your camping trip, it needs to be compatible with your vehicle rack. In addition, the lighter pop-up tent is easier to carry and install compared to heavier ones. Although it’s not an important factor, you need to look into it, especially if you are planning to bring many items.

Setup Ease

Setup is also crucial. Tents that can be setup up more than 15 minutes are too long, and they can ruin your camping excitement. If you don’t have any patience to set up for that long, you need to look for roof tents that will only require you to set up for 5 to 10 minutes because we know how hard it is to set up a camping tent. Good thing that most rooftop tents require less time to set up.


Though they may be added features and accessories, these types of miscellaneous rooftop tents will greatly help your camping experience let alone your sleeping experience, because additional features will give you a more comfortable and cozy experience while relaxing inside of your rooftop tent.

Among the common accessory is the awning canopy, which can extend your living area.

Pop Up Tent On Top Of Car — 4 PICKS FOR YOU!

OUR TOP PICK: KingCamp Rooftop Tent

Product Description: If you want an ultimate rooftop tent in which you don't want to worry about rips and leaks and other common problems that canvas roofs have, then back away from those materials and you should definitely check the KingCamp rooftop tent. Its name deserved to be called king because of its amazing durability, sturdiness, and the overall camping experience you can get if you try this out. We also think this is the best pop up tent on top of car because of its superb capabilities and added features. KingCamps features a hardshell on the roof which is made of a sturdy ABS hard shell with waterproof coating. The hardware and frames are also close to indestructible due to the reinforced aluminum alloy that is able to withstand heavy rains and storms which makes your camping experience safe and secure. Additionally, it's so lightweight that it can perfectly mount on your car's roof. Camp anywhere and in any season because, with its reinforced materials and durable hardware, nothing is impossible just make sure it's perfectly mounted.

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  • Comfortability
  • Design
  • Value for Money


Would you buy this? We highly recommend this into one of your considerations. It’s one of the best pop up tent on top of car on the market right now. And it’s more durable than any conventional tent because of the hard shell. You can just set up this within few minutes. The sleeping space is so comfortable thanks to the queen size foam mattress.


Hardshell design Easy to set up Comfortable thick pad


Price point is high


Front Runner Rooftop Tent

Pop Up Tent On Top Of Car

Coming right up to our list is the Front Runner. This has the lowest profile roof top tent with only 7.87-inches tall when collapsed. It’s also the lightest on the market right now, with just over 90 pounds.

Its design is for aerodynamic drag, and it supports a fuel-efficient setup. So, if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to save gas, then this recommended rooftop tent is worth your money.

Even with its small size, it’s surprising that two people can fit inside this tent. You got to love the lightweight feature of this, allowing you to setup up in just minutes and even collapse it in a minute.

It comes with a mattress, and all you need are pillows and sleeping bags. The tent cover is made from sturdy PVC material, protecting your tent’s lifespan.

Why do we like it? Among the main reason is the lightweight attribute of the rooftop tent. Also, it provides good ventilation, which makes you comfy while sleeping. Although, the aluminum base needs more reinforcement, and it can get cold, especially at night. Overall, it’s among the best pop-up tent on top of the car.

  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Aluminum base needs more reinforcement

Smittybilt Rooftop Tent

Jeep owners considering buying a pop-up tent on top of the car, this is for you. Made by Smittybilt, this rooftop tent pairs best with Jeep and other similar vehicles.

It’s not an option to buy this because you should definitely consider investing in this, especially if you want to go highlands and traverse and jeep off the beaten path. This is something you need for your next outdoor activity.

It’s totally heavy-duty and waterproof material. The sunroof, top, side windows, and walls are built with reinforced materials. The frames and hardware are also made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum materials. There’s also mosquito netting to keep away the pests. In addition, it has LED light strips for illumination.

Smittybilt is great for all seasons. The mattress is made from high-density fire retardant foam, and the cover is removable. It can house 2-3 people.

All in all, this rooftop tent offers premium quality and completes your overall camping experience. The fact that it’s suited for all-season types, you can also use this for your off-road session because the materials are strongly made. It’s also an excellent rooftop tent for your Jeep and other similar vehicles. Above all, it’s so affordable, and the quality is great.

  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to setup
  • Mounting brackets included
  • None so far

Overland Rooftop Tent

Lastly, we have a great brand for you to try, and it’s the Overland rooftop tent. This is superb in design and superior when it comes to all sorts of weather.

Besides that, it’s so appealingly good, and it’s an extended rooftop tent. Made from sturdy materials and the hardware is marine-grade stainless steel. What makes this among our top picks among rooftop tents? Well, there are several reasons.

Made from marine grade polyester cotton canvas waterproof body and polyester Oxford rainproof rain fly. The hardware is also marine-grade stainless steel. Extreme camping is compatible with this roof tent. It comes with easy installation—no need for drilling and modification.

It features a collapsible tubular ladder. There’s also a high-density foam mattress, and the cover is removable. The hinges are solid, and it doesn’t collapse so easily. In addition, there’s a 40 inch LED light strip for illumination at night. Risk-free and slip-free because of the installed heavy-duty diamond base plate.

Why buy this? Because it’s worth than something and will totally bring you convenience and extreme comfort whenever you are in camping. Built with heavy-duty materials that are marine grade, this makes this withstand any weather condition. It’s also an extended design that is suitable for tall people.

  • Heavy duty
  • Marine-grade materials
  • Extended design
  • Easy installation
  • None so far

Why A Pop Up Tent On Top Of Car Is Good For You?

We know that the camping experience should be a defining moment, if not memorable for you. That’s why you need some decent gear that will suit your camping trip. If you feel that you don’t want to set up a tent on the ground because of some rodents, or maybe you don’t like it, then it’s a good reason for you to try a pop-up tent on top of the car. However, if you are still unconvinced yet, we have listed some of the great reasons why a roof tent may be a great idea for you.

Elevated Tents Keeps the Pests Away

Experienced campers know the harsh reality of camping. There are times you can’t sleep because there’s always creeping on the ground and keeps on buzzing around your tent. As a result, you can’t normally sleep because you also keep an eye for the rodents who will nab your food or a pest that keeps coming to your tent.

Having a roof tent as your dwelling place and staying off the ground, there’s less chance of rodents attacking your camp, a hissing snake that is coming to you, and all those dangerous critters that are creeping on the ground. Instead, you are safe, and those pesky critters and rodents won’t ruin your goodnight’s sleep because you need to save it for tomorrow’s activity.

Packing A Tent Is Not Time Consuming

Most often, if we are going to our favorite camping destination, we can’t contain our joy and excitement to the point we are always in the rush of packing things as if we don’t want our precious time to go wasted. Having a roof tent as your preferred tent means less time for packing and more time for camping activities. Also, the tedious process of tent set up on the ground can be frustrating, especially for newbies. Sometimes you forget to bring the tent poles while you are 2 hours down the road. You can leave your worries if you have a pop-up tent on top of the car.

Comfortable And Coziness During Cold Weather

If you are camping in mountains or other colder areas, your camping session can be sweet but short. There will be rains and hail in May and unanticipated snowstorms in September. But, if you have invested in a roof tent that features insulation and, fiberglass shell, weatherproof material, this cold-weather season doesn’t have to bother you. That means you are well secured and comfy even if it’s cold out there. Also, roof tents are flexible and can be used in any season.

You Can Start Living Off The Grid

If you want to become a hardcore camper with no direction home, or in other words, if you want to live off the grid, better invest in some good gears first. Particularly if you want to live on the road with your four-wheel drive or van, it’s nice to live that type of lifestyle or even experience it temporarily.

But to complete that overall experience, you need to consider buying a popup tent on top of the car. The fact that it’s more durable and able to last longer than traditional tents give you more years of living off the grid.

Pop Up Tent On Top Of Car Are More Comfortable

There will be a moment where pole tents are becoming uncomfortable due to several factors: the uneven ground level. Sometimes there’s rock underneath the tent. Not only that, traditional tents take too long to set up, and by the time you set up your tent, you have decreased your energy level for your camping activity. However, with a rooftop tent, rest assured that you can install it in just minutes.

Not only that, it has amazing added features which make you more comfortable because of the tent’s weatherproof and thick walls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are roof top tents safe?

A: Generally, they are safe and will definitely make you comfortable. Manufacturers ensure that the hardware, components, and materials are safe and easy to mount. Otherwise, they have aftersales service, which can be replaced if the product has defects, that is, if the product is still covered with the warranty. Also, the safety of your rooftop tent will depend on how you install it. That said, make sure that your roof tent is set up correctly, which will guarantee safety.

Q: Can you put a roof top tent on any car?

Most rooftop tents can be placed and mounted on any car with a solid roof, but it doesn’t equate that every vehicle can support a roof rack mounted with a tent. Another thing you should consider is the weight of the roof tent you are buying. If you have a bigger and heavier tent and your vehicle is small, it’s useless and just a waste of money. Make sure you know what you are buying, and it should match up to your vehicle’s size.

Final Thoughts

Summer is just around the corner. Do you have the perfect gear and essential tools for your next camping trip? It’s a great investment if you consider buying a rooftop tent that matches your four-wheel drive or other vehicles. Also, make sure that you know what you are buying.

If not, we are happy to provide you with our buying guides and reasons why you should buy your ideal rooftop tent. That said, we hope you like what we offer to you, and maybe it will spark an interest in buying one of these tents.

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